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Noun1.soft diet - a diet that does not require chewingsoft diet - a diet that does not require chewing; advised for those with intestinal disorders
diet - a prescribed selection of foods
Pablum - a soft form of cereal for infants
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Joanne required a soft diet as her cerebral palsy meant she had difficulty eating and drinking.
The liquid regimen increased in volume and, depending on the patient's tolerance, a soft diet was started after 24 hours of liquid initiation.
He was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary where he had surgery and had to follow a soft diet for a month.
The pup was maintained with DNS for 3 days and oral liquid diet for next 4 days followed by soft diet up to 45 days.
The patient was hospitalised and observed closely with a soft diet, analgesia and steroids.
was tolerating the high calorie supplement, and beginning on day three, she tried a soft diet starting with breakfast.
If you're drinking, it's all too easy for one tipple to lead to another so avoid drinking on an empty stomach and alternate each glass with water or a soft diet drink.
Modern soft diet comprising sodas and white flour" plays havoc with oral hygiene.
She mentioned one elderly gentleman who needed a soft diet and was existing primarily on mashed potato.
Children these days do not peel sugarcane rather take soft diet like burgers and other junk food that really created problems for their teeth, the dentist informed.
If patients are on a soft diet due to presence of oral ulceration and pain, suggest intake of nutritious options such as vegetable soups, fruit smoothies, etc.
Encourage a soft diet and avoidance of nonnutritive sucking (digit or pacifier) for 10 days following most dental injuries.