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(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a less common word for paperback


(ˈpeɪ pərˌbæk)

1. a book bound in a flexible paper cover.
2. (of a book) bound in a flexible paper cover.
3. of or pertaining to paperbacks. Compare hardcover.
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Noun1.soft-cover - a book with paper coverssoft-cover - a book with paper covers    
book, volume - physical objects consisting of a number of pages bound together; "he used a large book as a doorstop"
pocket book, pocket edition, pocketbook - pocket-sized paperback book
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The soft-cover book, the first of seven in the hugely popular series, was one of only 200 copies printed, unlike later printings that were in the millions, and was issued with illustrated wrappers by the London-based publisher Bloomsbury in 1997, according the Heritage Auction Galleries.
The 76-page soft-cover book covers 112 ASTM standards that apply to tribology.
Brisbane's 1st Battalion, 12th (East Suffolk) Regiment Detachments, 1860-66, ISBN 0958084815, soft-cover, A5, 158 pp, $30 ($34 incl p&p)
Created by Lancaster Museum Art Gallery curator Norma Gurba, the soft-cover book contains more than 220 black-and-white photographs - many of them more than a century old.
The soft-cover book defines common terms such as brand and news release, as well as lesser-known and newer terms such as blog and ZMET.
The spiral-bound, soft-cover format is convenient, low-cost and appropriate for a publication that could receive daily use for a few years (particularly by students), later to be replaced by updated versions (already planned) as the content evolves.
Exotic Viral Diseases: A Global Guide by Berger et al is a small, soft-cover, 252-page handbook organized by disease or disease group.
has ordered two Hogenkamp soft-cover Cylinder Couch Rolls for its Number 4 Board Machine at Hartsville, South Carolina, USA.
The rectangular shaped, soft-cover book, reminiscent of the iconic restaurant guide, is retailing for $15.
It's worth noting that the author is a consultant and president of the Stonehaven Group, publisher of this soft-cover book, and that the final pages are devoted to order forms for this book and other Stonehaven products.
per hour of bound documents, binders, hard- and soft-cover books, microfilm, burn bags, and bundled paper.
EITF Abstracts, copyrighted by the FASB, is available in soft-cover and loose-leaf versions and may be obtained by contacting the FASB order department at 401 Merritt 7, P.