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 (sôft′kŭv′ər, sŏft′-)
Not bound between hard covers: a softcover edition of a novel.
A softcover book.
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Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional, 2014 ISBN 9780071827812 Softcover, 192
With this 49th Edition Lyman gives reloaders two choices, a softcover and a hardbound version.
Intended for dragon lovers age eight to eighty, Model Masters Dragons is an inexpensive kit consisting of four plastic dragon figures, each of which is a couple inches long or tall; a paintbrush; six little pots of paint (yellow, black, blue, green, white, and red--they can be mixed to produce other colors); two little pots of glaze; and a 32-page, full-color softcover book.
PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT GUIDE FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY Edited by TC Hutton Published 2007 109 Pages Softcover Price 73.
In Play by Play: Tales From a Sports Broadcaster Insider (Taylor Trade, 240 pages, softcover, $16.
Written and illustrated by Greg Budig, I Hear the Wind is a beautiful black-and-white softcover picturebook about the voice of the night wind, sometimes gentle, sometimes fierce, as heard by a young child.
All told, INX users earned awards in 20 different categories ranging from annual reports, brochures (sheetfed and web), business catalogs, consumer catalogs (sheetfed and web), calendars, folders, direct mail packages and dimensional printing, to manuals, several magazine categories (covers, inserts, specialty as well as tabloid magazines), softcover books, flexible packaging and multimedia packaging.
If you are tired of politicians running this and other countries by ancient scriptures, find out more about the above 365 page softcover.
Juris Publishing (Huntington, NY) has produced Business Immigration Practice, a softcover book that covers all aspects of immigration law current through May, 2004.
With tooth decay the most prevalent problem for children, the Institute for Healthcare Advancement has published What To Do For Healthy Teeth, a softcover book written at the third to fifth grade reading level.