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 (sôft′kŭv′ər, sŏft′-)
Not bound between hard covers: a softcover edition of a novel.
A softcover book.
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Both the publisher and the co-editors hope the new softcover edition has the same effect.
The Growing Controversy On the Origins of Life in the Universe BY Denyse O'Leary Published by Augsburg Book, 2004, ISBN: 1-894860-03-9 Softcover, pp.
95 Cdn, softcover (or $45 Cdn for hardcover), 362 pages.
Produced a variety of softcover and hardcover books
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional, 2014 ISBN 9780071827812 Softcover, 192
Today, softcover books are an accepted part of Americans' reading experience.
With this 49th Edition Lyman gives reloaders two choices, a softcover and a hardbound version.
Intended for dragon lovers age eight to eighty, Model Masters Dragons is an inexpensive kit consisting of four plastic dragon figures, each of which is a couple inches long or tall; a paintbrush; six little pots of paint (yellow, black, blue, green, white, and red--they can be mixed to produce other colors); two little pots of glaze; and a 32-page, full-color softcover book.
PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT GUIDE FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY Edited by TC Hutton Published 2007 109 Pages Softcover Price 73.
Written and illustrated by Greg Budig, I Hear the Wind is a beautiful black-and-white softcover picturebook about the voice of the night wind, sometimes gentle, sometimes fierce, as heard by a young child.