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 (sôf′tē, sŏf′-)
Variant of softy.


(ˈsɒftɪ) or


n, pl softies
informal a person who is sentimental, weakly foolish, or lacking in physical endurance


or soft•ie

(ˈsɔf ti, ˈsɒf-)

n., pl. -ties. Informal.
1. a person easily stirred to sentiment.
2. a weak or foolish person.
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Noun1.softie - a person who is weak and excessively sentimental
doormat, weakling, wuss - a person who is physically weak and ineffectual


softy [ˈsɒfti] ncœur m sensiblesoft landing n (FINANCE)atterrissage m en douceur


n (inf, too tender-hearted) → gutmütiger Trottel (inf); (sentimental) → sentimentaler Typ (inf); (effeminate, cowardly) → Schlappschwanz m (inf), → Weichling m (inf); I know I’m an old softie but …ich bin ja ein gutmütiger Typ or Mensch, aber …
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E Rope #4 5000 Rolls Softie (1,000M) 2 Floating Stake 1569 Rolls P.
He then went on to say that despite his hard man image he is a real softie, revealing he enjoys making cornmeal pancakes.
MOST people reckon Tulisa's hard as nails, but she says she's a big softie.
And don't forget the even bigger Spinosaurus, although this big softie hankered mostly for fish and liked nothing more than a swim.
As the owner of a 'Staff ' (who is a big softie and has the most lovely nature), I too cried when I read of the suffering that poor Staff and pup went through.
DRAGONS' Den Mr Nasty Duncan Bannatyne claims he's really a big softie who cries easily.
Being a high-performance electric softie, only highly polished top-quality plastic BBs weighing .
HANCOCK'S editorial colleagues are all supposed to be hardened hacks, not a softie amongst 'em.
Success has turned ``Heroes'' creator Tim Kring into something of a softie.
Dante is a really nice dog who is great with the staff and is basically a big softie.
But don't take him for some liberal softie in an elephant costume--our three-strikes law is still firmly intact, and even our jaywalkers are running scared at the prospect of having their DNA entered into a national database.