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also soi·gnée  (swän-yā′)
1. Showing sophisticated elegance; fashionable: a soigné little club.
2. Well-groomed; polished: The soigné celebrity granted a brief interview.

[French, from Old French, past participle of soigner, to take care of, of Germanic origin.]


(ˈswɑːnjeɪ; French swaɲe) or feminine


well-groomed; elegant
[French, from soigner to take good care of, of Germanic origin; compare Old Saxon sunnea care]


or soi•gnée

(swɑnˈyeɪ; Fr. swaˈnyeɪ)

1. carefully or elegantly done.
2. well-groomed.
[1915–20; < French, past participle of soigner to take care of < Germanic (compare Old Saxon sunnea care, concern)]
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Adj.1.soigne - polished and well-groomed; showing sophisticated elegance
elegant - refined and tasteful in appearance or behavior or style; "elegant handwriting"; "an elegant dark suit"; "she was elegant to her fingertips"; "small churches with elegant white spires"; "an elegant mathematical solution--simple and precise and lucid"


[ˈswɑːnjeɪ] ADJpulcro, acicalado


adjgepflegt, soigniert (geh)
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Et l'equipe de Zinedine Zidane a soigne l'une de ses lacunes du moment: la finition.
Right on cue, Soigne has just released its long-awaited Le Miroir, just about the shiniest polish we've ever seen.
Right on cue, Soigne has just released its it's long-awaited Le Miroir, just about the shiniest polish we've ever seen.
Right on cue, Soigne have released the long-awaited Le Miroir, just about the shiniest polish we've ever seen.
TRY: Soigne Botanique nail polish in Robe Velours, PS11, (available November 4; soignenails.
amp;nbsp;Aided at first by Chicago fashion boutique owner,&nbsp;Ikram Goldman, and latterly by Goldman protAaAaAeA@gAaAaAeA@e,&nbsp;Meredith Koop, she&nbsp;has&nbsp;demonstrated&nb soigne style not seen on a First Lady&nbsp;since the days of Nancy Reagan in the '80s and Jackie Kennedy in the '60s.
beaucoup moins que] Pour ce qui est des victimes de blessures de differentes origines, nos effectifs ont soigne sur place, c'est-a-dire sur les plages, 1.
The Soigne Nail Art Tool Kit, PS18, is a luxurious gold trio of tools for creating spots, stripes, snowflakes, Christmas puds - you name it.
Sexpot writer and television producer Candace Bushnell--it was her racy, mid-'90s column in the New York Observer that launched the iconic "Sex in the City" series--has listed her casually glam co-operative apartment in a low-key yet properly soigne pre-war complex in New York City's Greenwich Village with an asking price of just a wisp under $2.
A local Parisienne, Anne Touraine, formerly of Christian Dior Paris, has created her eponymous line of soigne luxe scarves crafted of butter-soft silk, twill or chiffon with distinctive collectible designs from Pop art to this stunning Chinese-inspired Reyes de Sole piece.
In this group was Halston, ever rising, ever in demand; taller, better looking than anyone else, with clean-cut Midwest looks, and a soigne disregard for the riffraff swirling around him.