soil bank

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soil bank

(Agriculture) (in the US) a federal programme by which farmers are paid to divert land to soil-enriching crops

soil′ bank`

1. a plan providing cash payments to farmers who cut production of certain surplus crops in favor of soil-enriching ones.
2. the farmland so protected.
soil′-bank`, adj.
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Noun1.soil bank - land retired from crop cultivation and planted with soil-building crops; government subsidies are paid to farmers for their retired land
bank - a supply or stock held in reserve for future use (especially in emergencies)
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com donny's top tip Never let soil bank up against the air vents and bricks on your home.
60-32, held that soil bank payments (the predecessor of CRP payments) to farmers (taxpayers who operate or materially participate in a farming operation) were self-employment income but that such payments to nonfarmers were not self-employment income.
It happened before with the Soil Bank Program in the late 1950s with 10-year contracts to retire land from production in return for subsidies.
Sometimes the resulting spike of nutrients can exceed the capacity of the various players in the soil food web to absorb the flush in its entirety, with the danger that--as with highly soluble chemical fertilizers--the more "mobile" compounds will leave the system (through leaching to groundwater or volatilizing to the atmosphere) before they can be taken up into the bodies of soil community members and saved long-term in the soil bank.
The forerunner to the CRP was something called the Soil Bank program, established by Congress during the 1950s to fix the problems that had led to the Dust Bowl.
WHEN WE LOST Soil Bank, a generation of hunters lost its ducks and pheasants.
Only a small percentage of the weed seeds in the soil bank will normally germinate in any given year.

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