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soil 1

1. The top layer of the earth's surface in which plants can grow, consisting of rock and mineral particles mixed with decayed organic matter and having the capability of retaining water.
2. A particular kind of earth or ground: sandy soil.
3. Country; land: native soil.
4. The agricultural life: a man of the soil.
5. A place or condition favorable to growth; a breeding ground.

[Middle English, from Anglo-Norman, a piece of ground (influenced in meaning by Latin solum, soil), from Latin solium, seat; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]

soil 2

v. soiled, soil·ing, soils
1. To make dirty, particularly on the surface.
2. To disgrace; tarnish: a reputation soiled by scandal.
3. To corrupt; defile.
4. To dirty with excrement.
To become dirty, stained, or tarnished.
a. The state of being soiled.
b. A stain.
2. Filth, sewage, or refuse.
3. Manure, especially human excrement, used as fertilizer.

[Middle English soilen, from Old French souiller, from Vulgar Latin *suculāre (from Late Latin suculus, diminutive of Latin sūs, pig; see sū- in Indo-European roots) or from souil, wallow of a wild boar (from Latin solium, seat, bathtub; see soil1).]

soil 3

tr.v. soiled, soil·ing, soils
To feed (livestock) with soilage.

[Origin unknown.]
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Noun1.soiling - the act of soiling something
change of state - the act of changing something into something different in essential characteristics
spotting, staining, maculation - the act of spotting or staining something
contamination, pollution - the act of contaminating or polluting; including (either intentionally or accidentally) unwanted substances or factors
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Because of the extreme level of soiling, the more typical method of cleaning (soaking the part in solvent to soften the residue, and then hand brushing the surfaces to remove the soils) promised doubtful success.