solar dish

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: dish - a concave mirror that concentrates the rays of the sunsolar dish - a concave mirror that concentrates the rays of the sun; can produce high temperatures
reflector - device that reflects radiation
solar thermal system - a system that converts sunlight into heat
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Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of High Pressure Cleaner System For Solar Dish At Netra
The University of Colorado Boulder's nearly $780,000 will go toward developing a solar toilet that uses concentrated sunlight focused with a solar dish to disinfect liquid and solid waste and turn it into biological charcoal that can replace wood charcoal or chemical fertilizers.
A nearly $780,000 grant will help develop a solar toilet that uses concentrated sunlight, directed and focused with a solar dish and concentrator, to disinfect liquid-solid waste and produce biological charcoal (biochar) that can be used as a replacement for wood charcoal or chemical fertilizers.
A single solar dish and Stirling engine system installed at Sandia National Laboratory's National Solar Thermal Test Facility produces as much as 25 kW of electricity, with a conversion efficiency of 31.
The design specification of solar dish concentrator are aperture diameter 2.
2 m diameter) solar dish, which concentrates sunlight into a single optical fiber to transport power to a remote receiver, as illustrated in Figure 12.
The NSETC is an advance on CSIRO Energy Technology's initial solar dish facility at Lucas Heights, developed between 1998 and 2000, and will be a more efficient and flexible system.
In a unique experiment, in which DBSA itself is the guinea pig, an 18 metre high solar dish is being erected on open land near the bank between Johannesburg and Pretoria.
Dish systems range in size from its current 320 m2 Solar Dish operating at its facility in Phoenix, to smaller designs of 30 to 55 m2.
In addition, a 150-kW solar dish power plant is under test and evaluation in New Mexico.
Like the desalination unit, the key components of the solar Stirling renewable energy system--a solar dish and thermal cell--are a study in ingenuity.
Enter Mr Malcolm Green, ah electrical engineer and enthusiastic proponent of solar power and solar dish technology.