soldering iron

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sol·der·ing iron

A usually rod-shaped metal implement with a pointed or wedge-shaped tip, used in soldering metallic parts.

soldering iron

(Tools) a hand tool consisting of a handle fixed to a copper tip that is heated, electrically or in a flame, and used to melt and apply solder

sol′dering i′ron

an instrument for melting and applying solder.

Soldering iron

In the early part of the twentieth century, soldering irons were solid copper blocks three or so inches long with cross sections of about a square inch and having an iron rod extending out from it about eight inches. The rod was pointed so that a wooden handle could be driven onto it. The soldering iron was heated by putting it in a fire. It was taken out of the fire for soldering, and as soon as it cooled to the point that solder could no longer be melted, it had to be reheated.
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Noun1.Soldering iron - a hand tool with a heatable tipsoldering iron - a hand tool with a heatable tip; used to melt and apply solder
hand tool - a tool used with workers' hands

soldering iron

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First he took out a soldering iron and some plumbing solder, and then small oil lamp, which gave out, when lit in a corner of the tomb, gas which burned at a fierce heat with a blue flame, then his operating knives, which he placed to hand, and last a round wooden stake, some two and a half or three inches thick and about three feet long.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Spnr Ring Bihex Cranked NW AF 13x17M, Saw Hand Cross Cutting 450m, Hammer Ballpane 500gms, Files Flat Bastard 350mm, Soldering Iron Elect 230250V 72W, Screw Driver Cabinet 150mm, Plier Round Short Nose 150mm, Hammer Smith 1360Gms
But, if you do possess a soldering iron, solder, putty, protective eyewear and snips, this could be the ideal gadget to get your teen away from their games console and building their own.
In 2006, CableJive's culture was born in an attic with a soldering iron and a very simple, yet genius, idea to connect portable music players, to audio docks using a cable, rather than locking the device directly to the dock, enabling a more convenient and flexible connection.
Stick your soldering iron and solder into the big opening to solder the pad down.
The SIS Plug offers a musician the chance to create and re-create trustworthy connections with the Monorail[TM] patch cable without the need for a soldering iron.
Just a heads up, you're going to need your soldering iron, wire cutters, wire strippers, needle nosed pliers and a computer installed with Arduino IDE and Teensyduino.
making a continuity tester involving using a soldering iron to solder components onto a circuit board; ?
Pinch them all together in the centre and touch the point on the back of the flowers with the soldering iron to fuse them into one blossom.
As General Manager and co-owner of Okasaki, Tamura embarked on selling soldering iron from Japan.
A former robotics manager is putting away his soldering iron to deliver meals on wheels to Shropshire residents.