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 (ground′sĭl′) also ground·sel (ground′səl, groun′-)
The horizontal timber nearest the ground in the frame of a building.


(Building) another name for ground plate



also groundsel

the lowermost sill of a framed structure, esp. one lying close to the ground.
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00 Kms On Different Patches And Renewal Of Grooved Rubber Sole Plate (Grsp) Under The Jurisdiction Of Asst.
An EVA midsole and an EVA heel cushioning system sit atop a dual-density outsole fitted with an anti-slip rubber sole plate.
I'VE 9 been searching for a new sole plate for my Tefal Express Steam Generator Iron GV7150 without success.
Expert witnesses assembled by Morphy Richards said that alarm engineer Marcus Danquah had rewired a perfectly safe iron so that the sole plate gave an electric shock.
A-Line ultra-pro boots are made in Italy to the highest quality, with the company using the finest kangaroo leather and the boots coming in three sole plates - the traditional screw-in studs, moulded studs, and the innovative mixed sole plate.
It also has, if required, a dry-iron facility, a stainless-steel sole plate and a 25g/min steam output of steam for outstanding results.
CMC also produced Electronic parts like Fidon - Glass and Plate for Dish Antena, Sole Plate for Electric Iron.
DuPont Zytel nylon was selected by Nike to make a sole plate tough enough, yet light enough, for sprinter Michael Johnson's shoes.
The PLC controls allow the laboratory technician the ultimate in process control, while the six-inch-thick solid steel head, bolster and sole plate make the press rugged enough for continuous production use, according to the company.
Tenders are invited for procurement of psc sleepers,elastic rail clip,combination gfn liners and groved rubber sole plate for civil maintenance dept.