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Adj.1.soleless - having no sole
soled - having a sole or soles especially as specified; used in combination; "half-soled"; "rubber-soled"
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Drag your soleless boots along the shining, polished floor.
The story's opening paragraph is dedicated entirely to detailing their ragged exterior as if to recall clearly the impoverished state of the picaro: neither has a cloak nor stockings, they are dressed in torn and nearly soleless shoes, frayed and tattered shirts, and ripped headpieces that barely pass for hats.
From the round-shouldered, awkward, long-legged youth of 16, the decrepit premature aged, upon whom starvation had set its mark to the gaunt frame of the once stalwart worker, upon whom the few rags which covered them hung in suggestive looseness, and from the habitual loafer to the broken down respectable clerk or shop-walker, who still clung like grim death to old associations in the shape of a very much soiled paper collar and the soleless sharp-toed boot.