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Adj.1.solid-colored - having the same color all over
unpatterned, plain - lacking patterns especially in color
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New part Approximately 750 mA curtain and rear-ventilated cladding with solid-colored fiber cement panels, d = 8 mm,to aluminum construction, riveted, incl.
This year there are some new giant-leafed varieties to go along with the familiar two- and three-colored, as well as solid-colored types.
Solid-colored or princess-seamed leotards create the illusion of longer lines.
However, other linens, such as Cameo and Banquet Scroll, are solid-colored year-round damasks that are offered in holiday shades of greens, reds, ivories and golds.
Complementing solid-colored moldings and caulk are available.
Keep in mind that the color of the flooring will also influence the frequency of cleaning; a light, solid-colored floor shows dirt accumulation faster than a dark, flecked pattern.
A 1958 letter from Cary Grant asks that the company keep him apprised of new developments in the company's shirt line: "My temerity is at a low ebb today, but I venture to ask that you let me know if Levi Strauss ever evolve(s) a line of absolutely plain un-checked, un-metal-threaded, absolutely solid-colored shirts .
For example, the group drafted a uniform dress policy allowing students only to dress in solid-colored attire, which was approved by the school board last month.
The addition of solid-colored dinnerware and themed collections is a first for the company.
Biker Chintz: Solid-colored biker jackets in cotton chintz are all the rage for fall.
Kids, which rolled out a bedding textiles collection last year, is introducing coordinating solid-colored sheets at the home textiles market here next week.
CANYON COUNTRY - Though uniforms are mandatory at Sierra Vista Junior High School, it's hard to find a student dressed in the required solid-colored polo shirt, shorts, pants or school T-shirt.