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 (sŏl′ĭp-sĭz′əm, sō′lĭp-)
1. Philosophy The theory that the self is the only thing that can be known and verified.
2. The view that the self is the only reality.
3. Absorption with oneself without consideration for the needs and desires of others: a self-indulgent memoir that revealed the author's solipsism.

[Latin sōlus, alone; see s(w)e- in Indo-European roots + Latin ipse, self + -ism.]

sol′ip·sist n.
sol′ip·sis′tic adj.


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In the spiritual stage, the experience can be understood as totally inward and solipsistic.
Harold and its sequels may be the most solipsistic books ever written.
Yet, in a paradoxical sort of way, the proliferation of technology has bred a solipsistic worldview.
This is precisely why mere post-modern visions of revisionist holism and inter-subjective facticity (somewhat akin to Gestalt psychology)--both as a natural scientific-revisionist investigation and a purportedly broader philosophical picture--still suffer from the contingency (that is, reflexes, conditions, and associations) of [their] embedding solipsistic sphere, when this on-going contingency ought to be categorically deconstructed in the first place, and not merely highlighted in the light of further arbitrary psychological associationism put forth arbitrarily as "objective science" (such as the "second-hand" inclusion of the convenient psychologism and propaganda that "syntax-only science supersedes semantics").
By taking the time to actually talk with the residents of the towns he alighted upon, to learn the history of his locations, eL Seed's project is rather less solipsistic than a work of this kind might otherwise be.
Yet it is also a challenge to that narcissism from within, a small but significant break with a solipsistic mindset that endures even among many Jews who pride themselves on their education and moral wisdom.
This is particularly positive since he builds fiction from meta-fiction, avoiding the typical traps of our abundantly solipsistic times.
She argues that Vietnam War literature written by Americans tends to be solipsistic, portraying the war as a conflict among and about Americans.
Proud, solipsistic creatures that we are, we can convince ourselves that we are shaping Earth and, for a blink in time, it may be so.
You are taking a very solipsistic view, if I may say so," the voice continued.
openly clashed with Lu's solipsistic framing of the practices of filmmaker Lu, writer Han Dong, art historian James Cahill, and philosopher-curator Boris Groys as examples of individualism.