soliton wave

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Noun1.soliton wave - (physics) a quantum of energy or quasiparticle that can be propagated as a traveling wave in nonlinear systems and is neither preceded nor followed by another such disturbance; does not obey the superposition principle and does not dissipate; "soliton waves can travel long distances with little loss of energy or structure"
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
traveling wave, travelling wave - a wave in which the medium moves in the direction of propagation of the wave
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To prevent both SPM and GVD effects, soliton wave as the input signal is used.
The development of a single-channel soliton lightwave system is discussed with an emphasis on the principles of soliton wave propagation, amplification, system design and performance degradation issues.
Due to its higher amplitude, the latter travels faster, allowing an interaction between the two soliton waves (Fig.