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[Greek sōma, body; see soma1 + Greek aisthētikos, of sense perception; see aesthetic.]
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I suggest that expressive movements should be discussed only when the basic technical skills have been developed and students are able to consciously consider expressive movements in their music-making through somaesthetic practice.
In this instance, that cross-disciplinary curriculum reflected the environmental design of the curriculum that via the walking expeditions stressed (children's) somaesthetic (e.
McCabe C, Cohen H and Blake DR (2007) Somaesthetic disturbances in fibromyalgia are exaggerated by sensory-motor conflict: Implications for chronicity of the disease?
In the case of somaesthetic affection, one obvious candidate for suspension is the naturalized body, which is accordingly set out of play (9).
In conclusion," the authors write, "we would propose that sensory-motor conflict may perpetuate some of the somaesthetic disturbances reported in FMS.
Through a process of synesthesia this somaesthetic image may be transformed into a visual image.
In normal circumstances a person's sensory processing of kinesthetic and somaesthetic stimuli may serve to maintain the assumption that consciousness, or the thinking and perceiving self, is "in" the physical body; that is, somatic processing ordinarily is integrated with a sense of self.
As a particular area of somaesthetic interest, I undertake an exposition of eating animals as a way to give more "systematic attention to the body's crucial roles in aesthetic perception and experience" (Shusterman, p 310).
67] see now Kate van Orden's Music, Discipline and Arms in Early Modern France [Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005]) Synchronized sensorimotor alignment, requiring cognitive feats of somaesthetic and kinaesthetic processing as well as anticipatory precision, occurs rarely in the vertebrate clades.
On the other hand, somaesthetic cannot be synonymous to somatic because it implies some extra properties that cannot be attributed to soma as he understands it, if by 'aesthetics' he does not mean the Greek aesthesis, i.
Es decir, se ponen en practica las nociones relativas a somaesthetics donde lo sensorial se considera en conjunto con la apreciacion visual (Shusterman).