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 (sō-măt′ə-tīp′, sō′mə-tə-)
The structure or build of a person, especially to the extent to which it exhibits the characteristics of an ectomorph, an endomorph, or a mesomorph.

so·mat′o·typ′ic (-tĭp′ĭk) adj.


(Anthropology & Ethnology) a type or classification of physique or body build. See endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph



bodily structure, proportions, appearance, and development.
[1820–30; < French < Latin physicus]


a particular type of human physique. Cf. ectomorphy, endomorphy, mesomorphy.
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Noun1.somatotype - a category of physique
body-build, build, physique, habitus - constitution of the human body
asthenic type, ectomorphy - slender, weak, and lightweight
endomorphy, pyknic type - round, fat, and heavy
athletic type, mesomorphy - muscular and big-boned
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For the research group anthropometric measurements were applied to calculate BMi, body fat percentage, fat free mass (FMM), somatotype rates and some biomotoric test protocols which are pinch, hand grip, leg strength, vertical jumps, speed, agility, flexibility and balance abilities so that the study was determined profiles and compared variables for Olympic level Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestlers.
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