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adv. & n.
Somewhere: "I didn't care where I was from so long as it was someplace else" (Garrison Keillor). See Usage Note at everyplace.


(ˈsʌmˌpleɪs) or


informal US and Canadian in, at, or to some unspecified place or region



usage: See anyplace.
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Adv.1.someplace - in or at or to some place; "she must be somewhere"; (`someplace' is used informally for `somewhere')
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
et eller andet sted
ở một nơi nào đó


[ˈsʌmpleɪs] adv (US)quelque part
I left my keys someplace → J'ai laissé mes clés quelque part.
I'd like to go on vacation, someplace sunny → J'aimerais aller en vacances, quelque partil fait beau.
someplace else → ailleurs, autre part


adv (US inf) beirgendwo; goirgendwohin; someplace else (be)woanders; gowoandershin


مَكَانٌ مَا někam et eller andet sted irgendwo κάπου en algún lugar jossakin quelque part negdje da qualche parte どこかに 어딘가에 ergens et eller annet sted gdzieś em algum lugar где-то någonstans บางแห่ง bir yerde ở một nơi nào đó 某地
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Williamson (photographer); SOMEPLACE LIKE AMERICA; University of California Press (Nonfiction: Social Sciences) $29.
I'm referring, of course, to the smallish club in Kolkata's Park Hotel, called, appropriately, Someplace Else [Click to see nuggets from this page] .
Early in life Bert Dohmen had a defined goal: Get out of freezing Minnesota and live and work someplace warm.
It started five years ago now, the day after my first book was accepted at an up-and-coming press somewhere in Kansas, someplace I've never been to and never hope to visit.
The victim died from a single blow to her head and likely was killed someplace other than where her body was discovered.
I once read someplace that there are two kinds of fools in this world: damned fools and fools for Christ.
Then, of course, put that wrench someplace where you can find it next time you need to remove the mount again.
The time has come for us to cut off all financial help, withdraw as a member, and ask the United Nations to find a headquarters location outside the United States that is more in keeping with the philosophy of the majority of voting members, someplace like Moscow or Peking.
Scotiabank felt it could best serve these clients from someplace closer to them that could offer bilingual service.
Growing up in Forty-Five, South Carolina in the '70s, Mendal and many other young town people think they can find a better life someplace else.
I did not realize that was a classified advertising section--is there someplace else you can list it?
As an activist and artist, I use hip-hop to meet young people where they are and try to take them someplace better, and stories narrowly about "the game" does not hip-hop make.