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 (sŭm′wâr′, -hwâr′)
1. At, in, or to a place not specified or known: found it somewhere in the woods.
2. To a place or state of further development or progress: finally getting somewhere.
3. Approximately; roughly: somewhere about halfway through.
An unknown or unspecified place: "A big dog, a hound with a strain of mastiff from somewhere" (William Faulkner).


1. in, to, or at some unknown or unspecified place or point: somewhere in England; somewhere between 3 and 4 o'clock.
2. get somewhere informal to make progress


(ˈsʌmˌʰwɛər, -ˌwɛər)

1. in, at, or to some unspecified place: I've left the book somewhere.
2. in the neighborhood of; approximately: somewhere around 60 years old.
3. an unspecified or uncertain place.
usage: See anyplace.


You use somewhere to talk about a place without saying exactly where you mean.

They live somewhere near Brighton.
I'm not going home yet. I have to go somewhere else first.

Be Careful!
You don't usually use 'somewhere' in negative sentences. Don't say, for example, 'I can't find my hat somewhere'. Say 'I can't find my hat anywhere'.

I decided not to go anywhere at the weekend.
I haven't got anywhere to sit.

In questions, you can use somewhere or anywhere. If you are expecting the answer 'yes', you usually use somewhere. For example, if you think I am going on holiday this summer, you might ask 'Are you going somewhere this summer?' If you do not know whether I am going on holiday or not, you would ask 'Are you going anywhere this summer?'

Are you taking a trip somewhere?
Is there a spare seat anywhere?

Some American speakers say someplace instead of 'somewhere'.

She had seen it someplace before.
Why don't you boys sit someplace else?

Someplace is sometimes written as some place.

Why don't we go some place quieter?
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Noun1.somewhere - an indefinite or unknown locationsomewhere - an indefinite or unknown location; "they moved to somewhere in Spain"
location - a point or extent in space
Adv.1.somewhere - in or at or to some place; "she must be somewhere"; (`someplace' is used informally for `somewhere')
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
في مكانٍ مامَكَانٌ مَا
et eller andet sted
einhvers staîar
bir yerdebir yerde/yere
ở một nơi nào đó


1. (location) → en alguna parte, en algún lugar, en algún sitio; (direction) → a alguna parte, a algún lugar or sitio
I left my keys somewhereme he dejado las llaves en alguna parte or en algún sitio
let's go somewhere privatevamos a algún sitio or lugar donde podamos estar solos
I'd like to go on holiday somewhere exoticme gustaría irme de vacaciones a algún sitio or lugar exótico
he's somewhere aroundanda por ahí
somewhere else (location) → en otra parte; (direction) → a otra parte, a otro sitio
the bar was full so we decided to go somewhere elseel bar estaba lleno, así es que decidimos ir a otra parte or a otro sitio
she lives somewhere in Walesvive en algún lugar or en alguna parte de Gales
somewhere in the back of my minden algún lugar de mi mente
somewhere near Huescacerca de Huesca, en algún lugar or sitio cerca de Huesca
I left it somewhere or otherlo dejé en alguna parte or en algún sitio, lo dejé por ahí
somewhere along the line somewhere along the line they changed the titleen algún momento cambiaron el título
to get somewhere (= make progress) → hacer progresos, conseguir algo
now we're getting somewhereahora sí que estamos haciendo progresos, ahora sí que estamos consiguiendo algo
2. (= approximately)
somewhere around three o'clockalrededor de las tres, a eso de las tres
he's been given somewhere between three and six months to livele han dado entre tres y seis meses de vida
he's somewhere in his fiftiestiene cincuenta y tantos años
he paid somewhere in the region of £1000pagó alrededor de 1000 libras
B. PRONalgún lugar, algún sitio
you'll have to find somewhere else to livetendrás que buscarte otro sitio or lugar para vivir
we decided to hire somewhere for the partydecidimos alquilar un lugar para la fiesta
they broadcast from somewhere in Europeemiten desde algún lugar de Europa


[ˈsʌmhwɛər] advquelque part
I left my keys somewhere → J'ai laissé mes clés quelque part.
I'd like to go on holiday, somewhere sunny → J'aimerais aller en vacances, quelque partil fait beau.
somewhere else → ailleurs, autre part
to be getting somewhere → être en bonne voie


beirgendwo; goirgendwohin; somewhere elseirgendwo anders, anderswo, irgendwo anders hin, anderswohin; to take one’s business somewhere elseseine Geschäfte woanders machen; from somewherevon irgendwo, irgendwoher; from somewhere elsevon irgendwo anders, anderswoher; I left it somewhere or otherich habe es irgendwo liegen/stehen lassen; I know somewhere where …ich weiß, wo …; I needed somewhere to live in Londonich brauchte irgendwo in London eine Unterkunft; we just wanted somewhere to go after schoolwir wollten bloß einen Ort, wo wir nach der Schule eingehen können; it’s about or around somewherees ist hier irgendwo; somewhere about or around hereirgendwo hier in der Nähe; somewhere nice/cheapirgendwo, wo es nett/billig ist; the ideal place to go is somewhere like New Yorkam besten fährt man in eine Stadt wie New York; he went to live in Cumbria or somewhere like thater zog nach Cumbria oder so; somebody somewhere must know where she isirgendjemand irgendwo muss wissen, wo sie ist; don’t I know you from somewhere?kenne ich Sie nicht von irgendwoher?
(fig) the temperature was somewhere about 40° Cdie Temperatur betrug ungefähr 40° C or war um die 40° (inf); somewhere about £50 or in the region of £50um (die) £ 50 herum; she is somewhere in her fiftiessie muss in den Fünfzigern sein; somewhere between midnight and one o’clockirgendwann zwischen Mitternacht und ein Uhr; the truth lies somewhere in the middledie Wahrheit liegt irgendwo dazwischen; somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 peopleirgendwo zwischen 10.000 und 20.000 Leute; now we’re getting somewherejetzt kommen wir voran


[ˈsʌmˌwɛəʳ] adv
a. (in space) → da qualche parte, in qualche posto
somewhere else → da qualche altra parte
I lost it somewhere → l'ho perso da qualche parte
somewhere in Wales → da qualche parte nel Galles
somewhere or other in Scotland → da qualche parte in Scozia
now we're getting somewhere! → ora stiamo facendo dei passi in avanti
b. (approximately) → circa, all'incirca, più o meno
he paid somewhere around £12 → l'ha pagato circa 12 sterline
he's somewhere in his fifties → è sulla cinquantina


(sam) pronoun, adjective
1. an indefinite amount or number (of). I can see some people walking across the field; You'll need some money if you're going shopping; Some of the ink was spilt on the desk.
2. (said with emphasis) a certain, or small, amount or number (of). `Has she any experience of the work?' `Yes, she has some.'; Some people like the idea and some don't.
3. (said with emphasis) at least one / a few / a bit (of). Surely there are some people who agree with me?; I don't need much rest from work, but I must have some.
4. certain. He's quite kind in some ways.
1. a large, considerable or impressive (amount or number of). I spent some time trying to convince her; I'll have some problem sorting out these papers!
2. an unidentified or unnamed (thing, person etc). She was hunting for some book that she's lost.
3. (used with numbers) about; at a rough estimate. There were some thirty people at the reception.
(American) somewhat; to a certain extent. I think we've progressed some.
ˈsomebody pronoun
ˈsomeday adverb
(also some day) at an unknown time in the future. We'll manage it someday.
ˈsomehow adverb
in some way not known for certain. I'll get there somehow.
ˈsomeone pronoun
1. an unknown or unnamed person. There's someone at the door – would you answer it?; We all know someone who needs help.
2. a person of importance. He thinks he is someone.
ˈsomething pronoun
1. a thing not known or not stated. Would you like something to eat?; I've got something to tell you.
2. a thing of importance. There's something in what you say.
ˈsometime adverb
at an unknown time in the future or the past. We'll go there sometime next week; They went sometime last month.
ˈsometimes adverb
occasionally. He sometimes goes to America; He goes to America sometimes; Sometimes he seems very forgetful.
ˈsomewhat adverb
rather; a little. He is somewhat sad; The news puzzled me somewhat.
ˈsomewhere adverb
(American ˈsomeplace) (in or to) some place not known or not named. They live somewhere in London; I won't be at home tonight – I'm going somewhere for dinner.
mean something
to have meaning; to be significant. Do all these figures mean something?
or something
used when the speaker is uncertain or being vague. Her name is Mary or Margaret or something.
something like
1. about. We have something like five hundred people working here.
2. rather like. A zebra is something like a horse with stripes.
something tells me
I have reason to believe; I suspect. Something tells me she's lying.


مَكَانٌ مَا někde et eller andet sted irgendwo κάπου en algún sitio jossakin quelque part negdje da qualche parte どこかに 어딘가에 ergens et eller annet sted gdzieś em algum lugar где-то någonstans ที่ใดที่หนึ่ง bir yerde ở một nơi nào đó 某处
References in classic literature ?
I'll try and be what he loves to call me, `a little woman' and not be rough and wild, but do my duty here instead of wanting to be somewhere else," said Jo, thinking that keeping her temper at home was a much harder task than facing a rebel or two down South.
A team of horses tied to a post somewhere in the darkness stamped on the hard- baked ground.
He has come across some old manuscripts, or ancient document records, referring to this valley, and they state, according to this article he has written for the magazine, that somewhere in the valley is a wonderful city, traces of which have been found twenty to forty feet below the surface, on which great trees are growing, showing that the city was covered hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago.
Madame Ratignolle removed her veil, wiped her face with a rather delicate handkerchief, and fanned herself with the fan which she always carried suspended somewhere about her person by a long, narrow ribbon.
We might have managed to put the man somewhere, if he'd been alone, but these women want family accommodation.
She told, too, how that there was undoubtedly an immense treasure of English guineas hidden somewhere about the house, or in the cellar, or possibly in the garden.
On emerging from the Old Manse, it was chiefly this strange, indolent, unjoyous attachment for my native town that brought me to fill a place in Uncle Sam's brick edifice, when I might as well, or better, have gone somewhere else.
But I stood irresolute; when looking at a clock in the corner, he exclaimed I vum it's Sunday --you won't see that harpooneer to-night; he's come to anchor somewhere --come along then; do come; won't ye come?
It was this, if I remember right: Jonah was swallowed by the whale in the Mediterranean Sea, and after three days he was vomited up somewhere within three days' journey of Nineveh, a city on the Tigris, very much more than three days' journey across from the nearest point of the Mediterranean coast.
About the third or fourth or fifth time that we swung out into the glare -- it was along there somewhere, a couple of hours or so after sun-up -- it wasn't as pleas- ant as it had been.
They show that the duel has a singular fascination about it somewhere, for these free men, so far from resting upon the privilege of the badge, are always volunteering.
But, all the same, the reader will admit that it must be lonely for me, and not another sister left to take pity on me, all somewhere happily settled down in the Fortunate Isles.