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 (sông′rī′tər, sŏng′-)
One who writes lyrics or tunes, or both, for songs. Also called songsmith, songster.


(Pop Music) a person who composes the words or music for songs in a popular idiom


(ˈsɔŋˌraɪ tər, ˈsɒŋ-)

a person who writes the music and often the words for songs.
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Noun1.songwriter - a composer of words or music for popular songssongwriter - a composer of words or music for popular songs
composer - someone who composes music as a profession
كاتِب أو مُلَحِّن أغانٍ
autor písní
autor piesní
şarkı sözü yazarı


[ˈsɒŋˌraɪtəʳ] Ncompositor(a) m/f (de canciones)


[ˈsɒŋˌraɪtəʳ] ncompositore/trice di canzoni


(soŋ) noun
1. something (to be) sung. He wrote this song for his wife to sing.
2. singing. He burst into song.
3. the sound(s) made by a bird. birdsong.
ˈsongbird noun
any of the types of bird which have a pleasant song.
ˈsongwriter noun
a person who writes songs (usually pop songs) for a living.
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It is chiefly that of a song-writer, perhaps the greatest songwriter of the world.
Orrin Hatch is a songwriter himself -- he has written more than a hundred songs and has a platinum record and a gold record.
Songwriters have long performed their own works, but the concept of "singer-songwriter" music as a genre developed in the second half of the twentieth century.
Author Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers (founder of "Acoustic Guitar" magazine and who has been writing extensively on the acoustic music scene since 1989) draws on firsthand interviews with song writing legends and rising stars; expert advice from managers, agents, lawyers, and publishers; and his own experiences as a performing songwriter.
com)-- Under BBF Technology, Songwriter Connect will continue to enhance the successful platform, with numerous enhancements planned within the next six months.
It is also an amazing opportunity to be able to hear the songwriter sing his song and, many times, to hear the story behind the song.
The Songwriter's Journal: 52 Weeks Of Songwriting Ideas And Inspiration" by professional songwriter Stan Swanson was written to both provide aspiring songwriters with ideas and inspirations for new songs, and a forum in which to jot down their daily notes, thoughts, ideas, and musical notations over the course of a year's time.
The Songwriter Goes To War: The Story of Irving Berlin's World War II All-Army Production of This Is The Army is the long-lost true story of frontline show business--from the hustle and bustle of its large-scale production including the transportation of of a full-scale Broadway musical revue to Great Britain during the blitz, to its premier at theaters, subsequent reception, and role in keeping up morale.
The BMI President's Award is presented on unique occasions when an individual songwriter or executive has distinctly and profoundly influenced the entertainment industry.
Hatch, a songwriter himself, has written more than a hundred songs and has a platinum record and a gold record.