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 (sŏn′ər-ənt, sō′nər-, sə-nôr′-)
A usually voiced speech sound characterized by relatively free air flow through the vocal tract and capable of being syllabic, as a vowel, liquid, or nasal.


1. (Phonetics & Phonology) one of the frictionless continuants or nasals (l, r, m, n, ŋ) having consonantal or vocalic functions depending on its situation within the syllable
2. (Phonetics & Phonology) either of the two consonants represented in English orthography by w or y and regarded as either consonantal or vocalic articulations of the vowels iː and uː
[from Latin sonor a noise + -ant]


(səˈnɔr ənt, -ˈnoʊr-, soʊ-)
a voiced speech sound, as a vowel, semivowel, liquid, or nasal, characterized by relatively free passage of air through a channel.
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67, as well as before sonorants like in kobras [kopras] 'beaver' etc.
bok/); (2) distinction between sonorants and what the author called articulated obstruents (ex: /m/ vs.
For sonorants, the centre of gravity is related to the spectral slope, the sleeper the slope, the lower the centre of gravity (van Son & Pols 1995).
While her lines obey the metrical standards of iambic tetrameter, the insistent alliteration of her words, bristling with fricatives, plosives, and sonorants, further emphasizes the aggressive force of her argument.
It will be shown in section 6 that this positional preference appears to have an effect on the restriction against homorganic C-C's across syllables, because most of the exceptions to this restriction involve initial bilabials and non-initial coronal sonorants.
Stops differ along a variety of acoustic dimensions: closure duration, VOT, the spectral characteristics of their release burst, and formant transitions into and out of surrounding sonorants (Roger, 2003).
The acoustic progression from "patch, matchwood" to "immortal diamond" is not smooth, the affricatives grating on the sonorants, even as the line attempts to elide the difference between its categories.
Scotland will rebuild Hadrian's Wall to keep the Sassenachs from mounting a new invasion and the Welsh will just speak Welsh in every pub in Wales and drive out unwanted newcomers with incomprehensible vowels and voiceless sonorants.
A problem arises, however, in limiting the selection of the t-initial lenition allomorphs to the position after coronal sonorants.
In normal speakers, English vowels and oral sonorants are produced primarily with oral resonance and little if any nasal resonance.
as Minkova (1982) suggests), and at least two sets of extensions, one extending the rule with the same input to syllables ending in other final vowels and sonorants (Aitken's environment (2), p.