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 (sō′pī-pē′yə) or so·pa·pil·la (-pə-)
A crisp, puffy, deep-fried pastry often served with honey or syrup.

[American Spanish, diminutive of Spanish sopaipa, fried dough sweetened with honey, from earlier xopaipa, from Mozarabic xupaipa, diminutive of šúppa, súppa, bread soaked in oil, from Old Spanish sopa, food soaked in liquid, of Germanic origin; see seuə- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˌsɒpaɪˈpiːjə) or


(Cookery) Mexican deep-fried pastry


(ˌsoʊ paɪˈpi ə, -yə)

n., pl. -pil•las.
a small deep-fried pastry of yeast dough, usu. served with honey.
[1935–40; < American Spanish < Sp sopaip(a) fritter or thick pancake soaked in honey; see sop, soup]
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Coworkers: Gift Baskets Untamed -Cozy Cabin Breakfast Basket - send coworkers and their families breakfast in a basket with waffle mix, syrup, sopaipilla mix, homemade chokecherry syrup, Rocky Mountain Blend Coffee.
Representing one of the world's most dominant and dynamic new brands should be a piece of sopaipilla for Arebalos after dodging death threats as a journalist.
Then, feeling like a giant sopaipilla, I walk out in my robe to the Boulders' labyrinth.
In the 2003 session of the Texas Legislature, a resolution was introduced to make the sopaipilla the official state pastry.