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 (sō′pī-pē′yə) or so·pa·pil·la (-pə-)
A crisp, puffy, deep-fried pastry often served with honey or syrup.

[American Spanish, diminutive of Spanish sopaipa, fried dough sweetened with honey, from earlier xopaipa, from Mozarabic xupaipa, diminutive of šúppa, súppa, bread soaked in oil, from Old Spanish sopa, food soaked in liquid, of Germanic origin; see seuə- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˌsɒpaɪˈpiːjə) or


(Cookery) Mexican deep-fried pastry


(ˌsoʊ paɪˈpi ə, -yə)

n., pl. -pil•las.
a small deep-fried pastry of yeast dough, usu. served with honey.
[1935–40; < American Spanish < Sp sopaip(a) fritter or thick pancake soaked in honey; see sop, soup]
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The menu included lobster bisque, rib-eye roll stuffed with spinach and blue cheese, lobster cakes, homemade onion and cheese bread and sopapilla pastries with strawberries and bananas.
As for the rest of the time--when I'm watching ballroom-dancing competitions and searching for batteries for my Bop It and extracting all the sopapilla pieces from a gallon of limited edition cinnamon ice cream with the precision of a brain surgeon--there's no real excuse.
But as the poet points out in the stunning "Suite for the Visiting Dead," the difference is slight: "Laugh, and the not so dead will laugh with you, // because today the line between them and us / is porous as a sopapilla .