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 (sə-fĭs′tĭk) or so·phis·ti·cal (-tĭ-kəl)
1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of sophists.
2. Apparently sound but really fallacious; specious: sophistic refutations.

so·phis′ti·cal·ly adv.


(səˈfɪstɪk) or


1. (Philosophy) of or relating to sophists or sophistry
2. (Philosophy) consisting of sophisms or sophistry; specious
soˈphistically adv


(səˈfɪs tɪk)

1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of sophistry, sophists, or the ancient Greek Sophists.
2. of the nature of sophistry; fallacious.
so•phis′ti•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.sophistic - of or pertaining to sophists
2.sophistic - plausible but misleading
invalid - having no cogency or legal force; "invalid reasoning"; "an invalid driver's license"


Containing fundamental errors in reasoning:


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Since I myself have been an inmate of a lunatic asylum, I cannot but notice that the sophistic tendencies of some of its inmates lean towards the errors of non causa and ignoratio elenche.
This essay looks at the Literary Revolution through a Sophistic lens to see how Hu's ideas on the Sophists influenced the rhetorical impetus of his reform and to clarify his legacy.
I further suggest that by doing so Achilles transfers the world-changing powers of magic to persuasive language, thus opening the door for a metaliterary reading in which the author asserts that the most potent "magic" is sophistic rhetoric and he himself the foremost "magician.
This article makes a very strong case that sophistic claims of superior social worth based onpaideia did not go unchallenged by members of the non-elite classes.
This paper argues that the puzzle can be resolved if we understand Socrates' interpretation of Simonides' poem to be a parody, which articulates implicit criticisms of sophistic interpretation.
True to sophistic form, Philostratus defends painting on the grounds of its contribution to wisdom (sophia); (60) with tongue firmly in cheek, and amid a series of whimsical negative clauses, the author also associates painting with "truthfulness" (aletheia), thereby framing the entire work around the twin poles of authenticity and falsehood.
The couplet crafter finds himself facing a sophistic task, which is a matter of making the worse argument seem the better, or, more precisely, making an intervention into the cultural doxa by reconfiguring a preformed semantic environment.
Reason's dark champions; constructive strategies of Sophistic argument.
Language games, deconstruction, weak thought, radical heterogeneity, differend and differences, the ruin of Reason, promotion of the fragment, discourse reduced to shreds: all of this argues in favour of a sophistic line of thinking, and puts philosophy in a deadlock' (20).
He sees Tertullian as participating more in traditional Roman rhetoric and less in that of the Second Sophistic.
Yet when the author asks the chief disciple of the Siberian Jesus why there are sixty-one "rules of the soul," the other snaps at him with the sort of sophistic reply so prevalent in the sect: "Because there are rules and there are sixty-one of them.
There are more sophistic control strategies, for example the robust control (Bakosova et al.