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also so·pres·sa·ta  (sō′prə-sä′tə)
An Italian sausage made from a mixture of coarsely ground or chopped lean and fatty pork that is typically seasoned with hot chili peppers or peppercorns. When made in the traditional manner, it is then pressed under weights and cured.

[Italian, possibly from feminine of soppressato, past participle of soppressare, to press down.]
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They also make coppa, soppressata, finocchiona salami, prosciutto, calabrese salami, and capicola.
Suddenly I saw her face freeze up as she was confronted with sandwiches named 'Padrino' and 'Pomodoro' and ingredients like soppressata, capicollo and a striata baguette.
Sausage And Jerky Makers' Bible" features 229 meat curing recipes, dry-cure sausage recipes, smoked sausage recipes, cooked sausage recipes, fresh sausage recipes, smoked sausage recipes, whole-muscle jerky recipes, sticky jerky recipes, ground jerky recipes, dried deer stick recipe, salami Genoa recipe, salami soppressata recipe, corned beef recipe, beef brisket bacon recipe, honey-cured bacon recipe, capicola recipe, pastrami recipes, picnic ham recipe, smoked turkey recipe, venison chopped and formed bacon recipe, venison Bresaola recipe and so more
Pork is integral, often made into sausages, roasted on a spit or dried as lucanica and soppressata.
Characterization of lactobacilli involved in the ripening of soppressata molisana, a typical southern Italy fermented sausage.
La mitad del trabajo en la macelleria consiste en producir gelatina de pimientos, terrinas, salsas y una vieja receta de soppressata del siglo xvi: carne y grasa de cerdo embutida en un trozo de intestino.
Try his soppressata, a perfect marriage of pork and salt, with just the right amount of sour.
Certo, il boom economico italiano non permette solo di fare la spesa al paese e portare a casa il formaggio e la soppressata, non permette solo di fare le compere o degli acquisti nei negozi del centro, permette soprattutto di fare quell'elegante shopping in mezzo alla gente elegante, in mezzo al jet set, e per questo ci vuole una parola elegante, una parola inglese.
Then there's the deli, where I take a number and stand in line for imported Greek olives, hand-wrapped dolmades (grape leaves), blocks of feta and thin-sliced soppressata (an Italian salami available in both spicy and mild) - the types of items often featured in Case & Counter.
It seeks out and buys many other locally produced goods as well, such as the artisanal pasta from Extrusions, a local pasta maker, and premium cured meats from Giacomo's Italian Market, which supplies it with Milano salami, pepperoni, Italian sausages and soppressata.
Drape mortadella, prosciutto and soppressata on top of vegetables.
Frank's house salumi plate: a plate of soppressata, capocollo and bresaola.