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tr.v. sopped, sop·ping, sops
1. To dip, soak, or drench in a liquid; saturate.
2. To take up by absorption: sop up water with a paper towel.
1. A piece of food soaked or dipped in a liquid.
a. Something yielded to placate or soothe: remarks that were a sop to conservative voters.
b. A bribe.

[From Middle English soppe, bread dipped in liquid, from Old English sopp- (in soppcuppe, cup for dipping bread in); see seuə- in Indo-European roots.]


standard operating procedure
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Noun1.sops - piece of solid food for dipping in a liquid
bite, morsel, bit - a small amount of solid food; a mouthful; "all they had left was a bit of bread"
References in classic literature ?
As he halted Sancho came up, and seeing him disposed to attack this well-ordered squadron, said to him, "It would be the height of madness to attempt such an enterprise; remember, senor, that against sops from the brook, and plenty of them, there is no defensive armour in the world, except to stow oneself away under a brass bell; and besides, one should remember that it is rashness, and not valour, for a single man to attack an army that has Death in it, and where emperors fight in person, with angels, good and bad, to help them; and if this reflection will not make you keep quiet, perhaps it will to know for certain that among all these, though they look like kings, princes, and emperors, there is not a single knight-errant.
When he saw the wall shaking and crumbling irretrievably at a particular place, he patched it up with sops of cash from his three cash-earning companies.
Why, in a final access of pity, had she insisted on flinging, as a last sop to that dcmon's soul, her divine song:
In sudden panic I dashed my knuckles on the wooden bars, to get at a duck to give the monster for a sop.
Firstly, I would have a sweet brown pie of tender larks; mark ye, not dry cooked, but with a good sop of gravy to moisten it withal.
Anne, by dint of talking over her shoulder to the girls and occasionally passing a sop of civility to Billy--who grinned and chuckled and never could think of any reply until it was too late--contrived to enjoy the drive in spite of all.
Kill my husband with a little mite of a sop in wine
The porter in his lodge answers exactly to Cerberus in his den, and, like him, must be appeased by a sop before access can be gained to his master.
All day it streamed rain; the island ran like a sop, there was no dry spot to be found; and when I lay down that night, between two boulders that made a kind of roof, my feet were in a bog.
Come, master, taste my sop," said he, kneeling down before the cup.
You may lay dry there half your lifetime; but the time will come, and it is best that you should know it, when a dripping sop would be no name for you.
For the present, it still poured heavily, and the ground was in a perfect sop.