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Noun1.sorbent material - a material that sorbs another substance; i.e. that has the capacity or tendency to take it up by either absorption or adsorption
material, stuff - the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object; "coal is a hard black material"; "wheat is the stuff they use to make bread"
absorbent, absorbent material - a material having capacity or tendency to absorb another substance
adsorbent, adsorbent material - a material having capacity or tendency to adsorb another substance
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The heavyweight universal sorbent material absorbs excess moisture, oil, grease, condensation, and spills.
Just UTZ 23 people were involved, and 10 units of automobile and special equipment, including skimmers Komarr-20 and Mini-Wack, booms, gas analyzers, sorbent material.
Therefore, to combat environmental pollution resulting from oil spill, there is a need to deepen research in the area of analyzing and developing an effective natural organic sorbent material for oil spill remediation.
While chitosan is often used as a biopesticide, Ongo said its industrial use as a sorbent material for removing oil in water is gaining ground in the scientific community.
Sorbent material specialist, OIL-DRI, reports it has launched a new 100% recycled absorbent floor granule product designed for oil spills.
Therefore, adsorption capacities of the sorbent material for different metal ions in the same matrixes may be different.
When the pressure is released, the carbon dioxide spontaneously depolymerizes and frees the sorbent material to collect more.
Hydrophobic sorbent material under the brand name Fibroil is often used for oil separation filters.
Based on technology to remove heavy metals from waste streams, the highly porous silica substrate maximizes the density of chemically active sites, allowing facile diffusion through the domains of the sorbent material.
In the combustion chamber, the higher temperature decomposes this sorbent material back into CaO and C[O.
To find out the role of sorbent material in formaldehyde absorption and bacterial viability, the CFu and formaldehyde concentration were monitored for both sorbent materials.
The other participants in the project include Pennsylvania State University, which will bring the novel sorbent material to the project, Sud-Chemie Inc, which will produce the sorbent for large-scale testing, and Foster Wheeler US, which will provide technology assessment and engineering expertise.