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Adj.1.sore-eyed - having sore eyes; suffering from pinkeye or conjunctivitis
unhealthy - not in or exhibiting good health in body or mind; "unhealthy ulcers"
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he don't really expect a cent, but then he learned to say that before he learned to say mother, and now he can not break himself of it; next you meet a woman with a black veil drawn closely over her face, and her bust exposed; finally, you come to several sore-eyed children and children in all stages of mutilation and decay; and sitting humbly in the dust, and all fringed with filthy rags, is a poor devil whose arms and legs are gnarled and twisted like grape-vines.
I had hoped to be spared, having enough eye allergies to contend with as it is, but no amount of hand-washing could save one from a sore-eyed bedmate; one never knows what happens in one's sleep.
99) by renowned German author Hans Magnus Enzensberger begins with sore-eyed Robert, who is constantly criticised at school for being too dreamy, at home watching a grainy black and white television programme.