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So`re´di`a of Soredium.
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Tips of podetia pointed, soredia farinose, fine and powdery Cladonia subulata
Soralia capitate; soredia farinose or of fine granules Phaeophyscia pusilloides 4.
Tips of lobes inflated and hood-shaped, ciliate; soredia under the lobes Physcia adscendens 2.
The only reported later exploration work at Mayoko was prospecting and mining of more than 13,100 carats of alluvial diamonds by SOREDIA (Society for Diamond Research) after World War II, prospecting and diamond mining by a Russian group in the late 1960's, and a brief, unsuccessful look for kimberlite pipes during part of a recent rainy season by SouthernEra Diamonds.
fuscescens, a species with white soredia and generally smaller thalli.
Although often sterile, the chrome yellow soredia in rounded soralia on a thin grayish thallus and the presence of anthraquinones (K+ magenta) are diagnostic.
Lichens reproduce vegetatively by breaking off particles, or soredia, composed of fungal threads and algae.
This species has an areolate thallus which breaks up into pustular soredia.
Thallus and podetia often weakly K+ yellow, sorediate; podetia unbranched to slightly branched at the apex; basal squamules undivided, with marginal soredia, less than 2mm long Cladonia macilenta var.
mid-1950's by the now defunct Gabonese/French mining company, SOREDIA.