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sort of

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sort  (sôrt)
1. A group of persons or things of the same general character; a kind.
2. Character or nature: books of all sorts.
3. One that exemplifies the characteristics of or serves a similar function to another: "A large dinner-party ... made a sort of general introduction for her to the society of the neighbourhood" (George Eliot).
4. A person; an individual: The clerk is a decent sort.
5. A way of acting or behaving.
6. sorts Printing One of the characters in a font of type.
7. An act or instance of sorting: did a sort on the columns of data.
tr.v. sort·ed, sort·ing, sorts
1. To arrange according to class, kind, or size; classify. See Synonyms at arrange.
2. To separate from others: sort out the wheat from the chaff.
3. To clarify by going over mentally: She tried to sort out her problems.
after a sort
In a haphazard or imperfect way: managed to paint the chair after a sort.
of sorts/a sort
1. Of a mediocre or inferior kind: a constitutional government of a sort.
2. Of one kind or another: knew many folktales of sorts.
out of sorts
1. Slightly ill.
2. Irritable; cross: The teacher is out of sorts this morning.
sort of Informal
Somewhat; rather: "Gambling and prostitution . . . have been prohibited, but only sort of" (George F. Will).

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin sors, sort-, lot; see ser-2 in Indo-European roots.]

sorta·ble adj.
sorter n.

sort ofkind of

In conversation and in less formal writing, people use sort of or kind of in front of a noun to say that something could be described as being a particular thing.

It's a sort of dictionary of dictionaries.
I'm a kind of anarchist, I suppose.

People also use sort of or kind of in front of adjectives, verbs, and other types of word to mean 'a little' or 'in some way', or with very little meaning.

I felt kind of sorry for him.
I've sort of heard of him, but I don't know who he is.
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Adv.1.sort of - to some (great or small) extent; "it was rather cold"; "the party was rather nice"; "the knife is rather dull"; "I rather regret that I cannot attend"; "He's rather good at playing the cello"; "he is kind of shy"

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Harold March was the sort of man who knows everything about politics, and nothing about politicians.
He found himself wondering, in an impersonal sort of way, that these things should so little affect him.
But what sort of an abode have I lighted upon, Barbara Alexievna?
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