sorting algorithm

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Noun1.sorting algorithm - an algorithm for sorting a list
algorithm, algorithmic program, algorithmic rule - a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem
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Let T([lambda], k [right arrow] x) denote the set of all tabloids of shape [lambda] such that the entry k drops to the cell x during the application of the sorting algorithm.
For example, assuming the matrix indexes the same sorted data values in the example used to describe the sorting algorithm in Appendix Section 7.
This project could also allow for quick information sharing in a sorting algorithm.
Irrelevant orders may be consulted with customers or they may be completed or repaired after the arrangement with the customer so that they become, as relevant databases (DB 2), suitable to the conditions of classifiers in other stages of the sorting algorithm.
We study the space requirements of a sorting algorithm where only items that at the end will be adjacent are kept together.
The CaptIO-G IDS communicates with the firewall using a high-performance sorting algorithm developed by Captus that is capable of capturing up to 40,000 packets per second on a single port.
applies a patented max/min sorting algorithm to data records to quickly
In addition, a new sorting algorithm has led to increased throughput of sort-intensive queries.
In the following, I describe several experimental results regarding the implemented sorting algorithm.
It was observed that the sorting algorithm gave the closest approximation to the required distribution.
an advertiser providing program code based on the sorting algorithm might also provide program code in general; and Disjoint is the lowest level, since it shows that no item could satisfy the request: it is considered to be a failed match.