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Adv.1.sou'west - to, toward, or in the southwest
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The Mark Boat was below and a little to the sou'west of us, fluctuating in the centre of her distraught galaxy.
It lasted all down the North Sea, all down Channel; and it lasted till we were three hundred miles or so to the westward of the Lizards: then the wind went round to the sou'west and began to pipe up.
The 384-nautical-mile race, which began at 1pm on Saturday 25 July from Sydney Harbour, had everything--a light start with different wind conditions at either end of the start line, tacking and gybing across the harbour to get to the Heads with yachts becalmed as they tried to exit Sydney Harbour; hard on the nose wind conditions during the day with a calm but cold first evening; inshore nor' westerlies and offshore conditions that were very tough forcing make or break decisions by the tacticians; and lastly, a fresh south to south sou'west breeze which picked up the remainder of the fleet and helped them to Southport.