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A rumbalike West African dance music originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

[Perhaps (via Lingala) from French secouer, to shake, from Old French secourre, from Latin succutere, to jolt : sub-, sub- + quatere, to shake; see kwēt- in Indo-European roots.]


(Music, other) a style of African popular music that originated in Zaïre (now the Democratic Republic of Congo), characterized by syncopated rhythms and intricate contrasting guitar melodies
[C20: perhaps from French secouer to shake]


a style of central African popular dance music with electric guitars, Caribbean rhythms, and often several vocalists.
[1980–85; said to be < Lingala < French secouer to shake]


A popular form of African dance music that originated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (then called Zaire) in the 1970s.
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The sixth studio album by Austin-based keyboardist and singer/songwriter Paula Maya, Iluminar (meaning "To Shine) is a music CD celebration of Brazilian music, with world fusion, jazz, African soukous and Latin rhythm elements.
The fabulous line-up also includes Congolese pop star Gordon Masiala, who will return to Oye for the first time since 2009, bringing his brand of high-tempo soukous, rumba, salsa and Afro-Cuban music to Liverpool once again.
Baloji takes to stages with the swaggering, strutting style of a sapeur and brings a sound that fuses the stirring sounds of the Congolese rumba and soukous with the sharp edge of modern hip-hop, funk and rap.
Fans of world music will have noted that the Congolese Soukous musician, Kanda Bongo Mana, brings his renowned band to the Sage's Hall 2 for a night of irresistible rhythms and infectious trebly guitars in a dance-friendly Afro-party festival.
And you will hear echoes of those musical styles of further afield--notably the ever-popular Congolese soukous sound and even some hints of Ghanaian highlife and Nigerian afrobeat.
2011) Created in collaboration with Flamme Kapaya, a central figure in the Congolese soukous and ndombolo music scenes, and inspired by the Cameroonian philosopher Achille Mbembe, Linyekula's more more more .
Moderno Trio's music is enhanced by the fiery drumming of James Wesley Edwards, who draws from his passion for African Soukous and jazz masters such as Elvin Jones and Tony Williams.
MUSIC: Kanda Bongo Man * October 29: Kanda Bongo Man and his soukous band will be performing at The Hub, in Teesside University Students Union.
My students' video list for my CaribFunk class introduces them to the world of Junkanoo in the Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, the infamous Jamaican Dance Hall Queen contests and Congolese Soukous dancers gettin on bad (dancing with great ferocity).
British-born Latin pianist Sara McGuiness and Congolese singer Jose Hendrix Ndelo form the backbone of a band which mixes Congolese rumba, salsa, soukous and Cuban son styles into one irresistibly danceable whole.
Joining them onstage will be Kanda Bongo man, a pioneer of Soukous music which combines Congolese and other African traditions with the Caribbean and South American.
Bringing their Rumba Soukous Tour to Birmingham, the international Congo Allstars claim to create 'an irresistible mix of funky rumba beats and cutting-edge dub reggae, bringing Congolese dance music bang up to date'.