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Lacking sensitivity or the capacity for deep feeling.

soul′less·ly adv.
soul′less·ness n.
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Adv.1.soullessly - in a soulless manner; "they were soullessly grubbing for profit"
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If it be the cosmic world, for a man like Cincinnatus, invitation to death becomes more congenial than living soullessly.
It doesn't make your socks go red, like clay-court tennis; it doesn't make that soullessly hollow sound, like indoor tennis; and it doesn't make the ball loop a mile in the air, like my tennis.
Our industry has to show that it matters and it is not soullessly obsessed with consumerism and self glorification.
It took both Coen brothers and two additional screenwriters, plus the directorial wand of Angelina Jolie, to turn Laura Hillenbrand's four-million-copy bestseller Unbroken (2010) into a respectful but banal film that plods soullessly for over two hours while saying little that is fresh about being a prisoner of the Japanese in World War II--one of the book's primary themes.
This two-fisted, free-flying persona made Goldwater the kind of politician that film director Howard Hawks might have come up with; by comparison, government couldn't help appearing soullessly oppressive.
Sometimes it isn't great but what it should never be is a commodity which is soullessly bought and sold as if it was no more important and as disposable as a hamburger.
At the same time, he might also remind us that, at bottom, Vaucanson's vision of human nature, like that of some of his contemporaries, was reductively, soullessly mechanical.