sound pressure level

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Noun1.sound pressure level - the physical intensity of soundsound pressure level - the physical intensity of sound  
intensity, intensity level, strength - the amount of energy transmitted (as by acoustic or electromagnetic radiation); "he adjusted the intensity of the sound"; "they measured the station's signal strength"
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With respect to the objectives of research including noise pollution, modeling and determining caution and danger areas in the factories, the scale of noise measurement at network A, the speed of the apparatus response at SLOW mode and the position of sound pressure level at RMS mode were selected.
A real case of HVAC system that consists of two big lecturing rooms is measured and because the available data was few the flow rate, reverberation time and the duct network dimensions is measured beside the sound pressure level measurements.
i] is time duration in seconds of the most significant part (usually area of event until the sound pressure level has failed at least 10 dB below the maximum level of event) of i-th event (while [[tau].
Castelo Branco and Rodriguez first documented vibroacoustic disease among airplane technicians, commercial and military pilots, mechanical engineers, restaurant workers, and disc jockeys for exposure to large pressure amplitude and low frequency sound ([greater than or equal to] 90 dB sound pressure level, [less than or equal to] 500 Hz) (Castelo Branco & Rodriguez, 1999; Maschke, 2004).
The reduction in normalised impact sound pressure level was determined according to the methodology (Pavoni Belli et al.
The maximum permitted expanded (k = 2) uncertainty of measurement of the sound pressure level produced by the most accurate (Class LS) sound calibrators in laboratories at reference environmental conditions is 0.
It provides a sound pressure level reduction of 28 dB, which is quite impressive taking the unit's small size into consideration.
When you consider that pain from exposure to high sound pressure levels only occurs at around 120 decibels, you can see that prolonged listening at levels lower than this threshold yet high enough to cause damage to hearing is something that is easily tolerated.
Beating all other competitive devices on the market, the increase in sound pressure level will further enable security personnel to safely communicate at range, penetrate through high background noise and establish the intent of targets at safer distances.
The resulting calculation of sound pressure level as a time variable function is then defined as:
Hence, the present work has been aimed towards to understand the phenomenon of fluidization in presence of sound pressure level.