sound reflection

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Noun1.sound reflection - the repetition of a sound resulting from reflection of the sound wavessound reflection - the repetition of a sound resulting from reflection of the sound waves; "she could hear echoes of her own footsteps"
reflectivity, reflexion, reflection - the ability to reflect beams or rays
re-echo - the echo of an echo
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Be content, Anselmo, and refrain from making further proof; and as thou hast passed dryshod through the sea of those doubts and suspicions that are and may be entertained of women, seek not to plunge again into the deep ocean of new embarrassments, or with another pilot make trial of the goodness and strength of the bark that Heaven has granted thee for thy passage across the sea of this world; but reckon thyself now safe in port, moor thyself with the anchor of sound reflection, and rest in peace until thou art called upon to pay that debt which no nobility on earth can escape paying.
Named for its color, "Blue Door Studio" was designed to have no right angles--even the glass is angled to reduce sound reflection.
Proportions and dimensions are based on the volume ratio, the back wall is designed for optimal sound reflection inclined.
To date, the use of audio with displays and kiosks has been limited by the noise bleed associated with traditional speakers, and the sound reflection and low volumes associated with earlier versions of directional audio.
The Godolphin filly is a closely related to a couple of Pattern-race performers in Whispering Gallery and Sound Reflection and she may well make the grade herself judged on her runaway success here over seven furlongs.
And they appear to be taking it very seriously, having supplemented the Charlie Appleby-trained Sound Reflection at a cost of EeAu15,000 (Dh88,211) to join Saeed Bin Surour's frontrunner Ihtimal in the 1,600m event which is worth a tidy EeAu170,000.
Maiden winners on the July course have had a major impact on this event in the past and supplementary entry Sound Reflection made a sparkling debut there last month.
Hill: 5-4 Rizeena, 7-2 Ihtimal, 13-2 Sound Reflection, Wonderfully, 12 Avenue Gabriel, 16 Ballybacka Queen, Chriselliam, 25 bar.
The President considered these protests as a sound reflection of freedom of expression without consider recanting his decree to gain public support and agreement over the new constitution.
Don't forget, dolphins use sound reflection just like bats to get around so I have a feeling this is being used in some way to develop that skill.
Globally, a number of rock art sites have been documented as possessing exceptional sound reflection in the form of echoes and aural resonance (see Waller 2001 for a review).