soup bowl

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Noun1.soup bowl - a bowl for serving soupsoup bowl - a bowl for serving soup    
bowl - a dish that is round and open at the top for serving foods
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For more #ONEPOUNDMEALs ideas, follow Miguel on Instagram at @onepoundmeals WHERE TO BUY: see p54 souper bowl How to sup your soup in style Puritan soup bowl, PS7, John Lewis A deep dish, perfect for filling up with a hearty soup.
Guests then receive a lunch bag containing a disposable soup bowl, bread, dessert, and soup spoon," explains McCullen, adding that guests then choose a delicious soup from area chefs and restaurants and enjoy a seated lunch.
These include a weekly mother and toddler group, a youth group and a Soup Bowl project that provides meals for up to 30 visitors.
But you'll need a lot of them--enough to nearly fill a soup bowl.
Jeffrey Brunstorm and colleagues from the University showed volunteers either a small or large portion of soup just before lunch, and then manipulated the amount of soup they actually consumed by means of a covert pump that could refill or empty a soup bowl without the eater noticing.
Use an old pot, soup bowl or something similar that can be easily cleaned for ease.
A chicken corn soup bowl is now available at Rs 40-60, however, taste and quality of chicken and place where the stall is set up, determine the price," said a visitor at F-10 Markaz.
Trader Joe's offers a microwaveable Spring Onion Rice Noodle Soup Bowl under its Trader Joe's brand, while Target's Giada de Laurentiis line includes a Tuscan Style White Bean & Fire Roasted Garlic Soup Starter Mix.
The one shivered now to think of the fine soup bowl that proud, high forehead had made.
Usually a soup bowl is being sold at Rs 50 to Rs 80.
Serve the soup, piping hot, in a deep soup bowl and drop the prawns in at the last moment.