soup bowl

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Noun1.soup bowl - a bowl for serving soupsoup bowl - a bowl for serving soup    
bowl - a dish that is round and open at the top for serving foods
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A few feet away, Empty Bowls Chairwoman Mary Briggs put the finishing touches on a soup bowl.
We designed this refillable soup bowl by drilling holes through a cafeteria table and running tubing from the bowls to a pot of hot soup in the next room.
Consumers can also claim a branded bean plate or soup bowl for six promotional labels and 3.
To serve, arrange some pieces of charantain melon in a soup bowl and sprinkle with fleur de sel.
When I opened the lid of the soup bowl, the rich aroma of matsutake mushroom (picked only in wild mountains during a limited autumn season, thus very expensive in Japan), caught my nostrils.
It first appeared on the vegetable soup label in 1968, directly above a Campbell Kid Chef, as part of a soup bowl offer.
PHOTO : Covered soup bowl of hard-paste porcelain with leather carrying case, Germany, c.
To Play: Each player chooses six vegetables and puts them beside his or her soup bowl.
The collection includes a five-piece place setting, which retails for $328; rimmed soup bowl, $118; charger plate, $148; platter, $198; creamer, $168; sugar bowl, $218; soup tureen, $548; and teapot, $328.
To serve, pour some chocolate soup into a soup bowl and top with some whipped cream, diced brioche, and hazelnuts.
Variations include Split Pea Soup with Pesto, Hungarian Split Pea Soup, with potatoes and bell peppers, or, to brighten up your soup bowl, Yellow Split Pea Soup, using USA yellow split peas.
He beat top surfers from the USA, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean at the famous Soup Bowl, in Bathsheba, Barbados, with a crowd of 5,000 lining the beach to cheer him home.