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A spoon somewhat larger than a teaspoon, used for eating soup.


a round spoon for eating soup



a large spoon, commonly having a rounded bowl, with which to eat soup.
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Noun1.soupspoon - a spoon with a rounded bowl for eating soupsoupspoon - a spoon with a rounded bowl for eating soup
spoon - a piece of cutlery with a shallow bowl-shaped container and a handle; used to stir or serve or take up food
cuiller à soupecuillère à soupe
cucchiaio da minestra
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EoACA[yen] I placed my soupspoon down carefully, for as you may imagine, he had secured my full attention at that particular moment.
Fifteen years ago I handled a silver soupspoon with an incised lightning bolt of the SS, touched the dim dent made in its bowl by SS teeth.
Drop with a soupspoon onto an oiled griddle; cook until well browned, then flip and cook the other side.
of Easy Rawlins, his detective protagonist, but in the New York of Soupspoon Wise, an old bluesman who drags his weak, cancerous body through Alphabet City and the Lower East Side.
The old black blues musician Soupspoon, dying from cancer, evicted from his apartment, is taken in by the wild Arkansas redhead Kiki, a hard-living, sharp-dressing trickster who manipulates her corporate boss and his computer system to get health insurance for Soupspoon.
Add a soupspoon of honey and a dash of vinegar and cook for another 10 minutes.
s Dream,'' the haunting story of Soupspoon Wise, an old Delta blues man obsessed by memories of the legendary Robert Johnson.
They also can't stop talking about Mosley's first non-mystery, RL's Dream, which is set in New York City--where he now lives--and features Soupspoon Wise, an elderly Mississippi Delta bluesman, and Kiki, "a hard-drinking, red-headed refugee from Arkansas.
The novel follows the last bleak days in the hard life of Soupspoon Wise, a cancer-stricken old black derelict adrift in lower Manhattan, where he finds himself staggering and reeling among coldhearted strangers who don't know or care that he once served an apprenticeship with the legendary Mississippi blues singer Robert "RL" Johnson.
For a standard American-style pie dish, scoop eight heaping soupspoons full of flour into a mixing bowl.
Ever since President Clinton had been discovered renting rooms in the White House to guests palsied with the disease of special interest, the country's editorial pages had been loud with moralizing condemnations--of Vice President Al Gore for shaking down Buddhist nuns, of Newt Gingrich for selling the remnant of his scruples to Rupert Murdoch, of numerous congressmen, both Republican and Democrat, for feeding too noisily from the soupspoons of the oil, banking, tobacco, and telecommunications lobbies.
Soupspoons dipped up the soup in the plates without touching the bottom.