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Noun1.source materials - publications from which information is obtained
source - a document (or organization) from which information is obtained; "the reporter had two sources for the story"
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The Forgotten Governor: Fernando de Rivera and the Opening of Alta California is especially recommended for California history holdings seeking studies based on primary source materials.
Source materials currently being studied in laboratory pyrolyzers include switch grass, wood mass, waste plants and municipal waste.
It includes discussion of all aspects of the M&A transaction process, a chat of origial Chinese language titles of laws and rules and information on source materials in translation.
Profusely illustrated throughout, "Genesis: The Book with Seventy Faces" includes a 'reader friendly' text which is enhanced with source material and historical background in margin boxes, as well as references to end notes for commentaries and source materials.
As the development of new types of allergy treatments grows, the need for diverse and well-characterized allergenic source materials grows as well.
LOST WORLDS: WHAT HAVE WE LOST, AND WHERE DID IT GO charts these missing curiosities of the past, using extensive quotes from source materials in its catalog of loss.
Quotes from source materials supplement different studies and research issues.
Alas, once all the historiographical posturing and associated name-dropping is stripped away, this book will be judged not for any imagined theoretical contribution but for the usefulness of the source materials and their analysis.
Yes, when it comes to simulating a live-music environment with classical and some acoustic-jazz materials it is likely that good home DSP ambiance synthesizing hardware, working with good stereo CD source materials, will be able to deliver the goods as well as nearly any good SACD (or DVD-A) recordings.
Each of the books in this series covers a different geographical region of the ancient world and is entirely based on primary source materials, such as archaeological information and artifacts, ancient text, architecture and pottery.
Supplementing traditional text documents with video, audio, and graphics, and adapting traditional scholarship to digital technologies, has also provided historians with an opportunity to experiment with innovative interactive media forms, to explore new ways of creatively utilizing in the classroom the same information and communication technologies they employ in the field when conducting their research or participating at learned conferences, and to share very rare primary source materials with students who will never have an opportunity throughout the course of their undergraduate years to visit archives and conduct archival research.
As the title suggests, the authors include a gamut of source materials that, as the previous edition successfully did, tell the complex and emotionally-driven stories of the Cherokee prior to, during, and after the removal campaigns of the 1800s.