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Three times again it soused him under as he tried to climb out upon it.
He folded it into a manner of bandage and soused water from the other canteen upon the middle of it.
shrieked the cannibals from the trees, appalled at so awful a desecration, as they saw their chief tumbled into the tub and the sacred dirt rubbed and soused from his body.
I've been soused to the guards an' all the rest of it.
As for the ends of the flukes, have them soused, cook.
But a finely curled and scented poodle dog frisked up and nipped the calf of my leg just then, and before I had time to think, I had soused him to the bottom of the tank, and when I saw a servant coming with a pitcher I went off and left the pup trying to climb out and not succeeding very well.
So he did his best to endure the scrubbing, and all might have been well had not Davis soused him under.
It would please me none the worse, if (with all his merits) he were soused in the North Sea, for the man, Mr.
Then, seeing that the sun was still hot, he took his clothes from the bank and proceeded to wash them, piece by piece; as the dirt and grease went floating off downstream he grunted with satisfaction and soused the clothes again, venturing even to dream that he might get rid of the fertilizer.
My animal fell and I was well soused in black mire -- a very disagreeable accident when one does not possess a change of clothes.
Freshly cooked, piping hot fish and chips, smothered in salt and soused with vinegar, wrapped in newspaper and eaten out-of-doors on a cold and wintry day - it simply doesn't get better.
Kim is shooting yet another horror film but soused in comedy.