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 (south-wĕst′wərd, sou-wĕst′-)
adv. & adj.
Toward, to, or in the southwest.
A southwestward direction, point, or region.

south·west′ward·ly adv. & adj.
south·west′wards adv.


(ˌsaʊθˈwɛstwəd; ˌsaʊˈwɛstwəd)
(Navigation) from or towards the southwest
(Navigation) a variant of southwestwards
(Navigation) a direction towards or area in the southwest
ˌsouthˈwestwardly adj, adv


(ˌsaʊθˈwɛst wərd; Naut. ˌsaʊ-)

1. Also, south`west′wards. toward the southwest.
2. facing or tending toward the southwest.
3. coming from the southwest, as a wind.
4. the southwest.
south`west′ward•ly, adj., adv.
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Noun1.southwestward - the compass point midway between south and westsouthwestward - the compass point midway between south and west; at 225 degrees
compass point, point - any of 32 horizontal directions indicated on the card of a compass; "he checked the point on his compass"
Adj.1.southwestward - toward the southwest
south - situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the south; "the south entrance"
Adv.1.southwestward - in a southwestward direction


A. ADJ [movement, migration] → hacia el sudoeste or suroeste, en dirección sudoeste or suroeste
B. ADVhacia el sudoeste or suroeste, en dirección sudoeste or suroeste
References in classic literature ?
The officers who were not actively engaged stood and stared over the treetops southwestward, and the men digging would stop every now and again to stare in the same direc- tion.
The system is open in all directions and appears to be trending southwestward along the margin of the Kaketsa pluton, 2 km northwest of the first drill hole (GC-15-01).
The uppermost Informal member of the terrestrial Pliocene Bidahochi Formation is a tuffaceous, fluvio-lacustrine sandstone that extends from northeastern Arizona (Figure 11) (Plate 1) Into nearby parts of New Mexico in the area northeast of the Little Colorado River (Repenning and Irwin, 1954), The sediments of the Bidahochi Formation were deposited by southwestward flowing streams (Hack, 1942) and were derived from the Chuska Mountains, and the Defiance, Zuni, and Mogollon Plateaus (Klersch and Keller, 1955), The sandstone member is composed predominantly of white to very pale brown, cross-bedded, poorly cemented, medium- to fine-grained, argillaceous sandstone with a few beds of white rhyolitic ash (Repenning and Irwin, 1954), and has a maximum thickness of approximately 600 ft.
This discrepancy suggests a southwestward spatial expansion of northern tick populations into the upper Piedmont and mountain regions of Virginia or demographic expansion of persons into areas of previously low tick density in western localities.
Scientists with the US Geological Survey present two reports on structural attributes of Neogene strike-slip faulting and non-uniform strain distribution in the eastern Basin and Range from central Utah southwestward through the Lake Mead area.
Convex-up profiles persist for several hundred metres southwestward from Cake Pill, but are truncated at the foot by increasingly tall scarps (Figs.
By the time KAL 007 reached the Siberian coast, it was 160 nautical miles off course and, instead of heading southward toward Japan, was veering southwestward across the Kamchatka Peninsula.
Further to the west, a broad zone of compressive deformation trends southwestward across western Venezuela and central Columbia.
The river then flows intermittently southwestward, passing through the ranches Los Estribos, Los Corralitos, and San Sabas, before disappearing in a wide sandy plain about 20 km northeast of the large hypersaline coastal lagoon of San Ignacio (Ruiz-Campos et al.
The foredeep depression started to develop in the inner Zagros after deposition of the widespread Upper Oligocene platform carbonate (Lower Asmari Formation) [23] and migrated southwestward down to its present position in the Persian Gulf [1].
Dreimanis and Terasmae (1958) show that the first motion at Toronto (their "middle till") was westward along the axis of Lake Ontario; so, the ice to the north of Lake Erie shunted southwestward into western Ohio.
The grebes more in the central part of the observed area moved towards the dam, those already closer to the eastern end pattered into a more southwestward to westward direction.

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