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 (south-wĕst′wərd, sou-wĕst′-)
adv. & adj.
Toward, to, or in the southwest.
A southwestward direction, point, or region.

south·west′ward·ly adv. & adj.
south·west′wards adv.


(ˌsaʊθˈwɛstwəd; ˌsaʊˈwɛstwəd)
(Navigation) from or towards the southwest
(Navigation) a variant of southwestwards
(Navigation) a direction towards or area in the southwest
ˌsouthˈwestwardly adj, adv


(ˌsaʊθˈwɛst wərd; Naut. ˌsaʊ-)

1. Also, south`west′wards. toward the southwest.
2. facing or tending toward the southwest.
3. coming from the southwest, as a wind.
4. the southwest.
south`west′ward•ly, adj., adv.
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Noun1.southwestward - the compass point midway between south and westsouthwestward - the compass point midway between south and west; at 225 degrees
compass point, point - any of 32 horizontal directions indicated on the card of a compass; "he checked the point on his compass"
Adj.1.southwestward - toward the southwest
south - situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the south; "the south entrance"
Adv.1.southwestward - in a southwestward direction


A. ADJ [movement, migration] → hacia el sudoeste or suroeste, en dirección sudoeste or suroeste
B. ADVhacia el sudoeste or suroeste, en dirección sudoeste or suroeste
References in classic literature ?
The officers who were not actively engaged stood and stared over the treetops southwestward, and the men digging would stop every now and again to stare in the same direc- tion.
South of the triple point, the cold front extends southwestward to subtropical latitudes and the warm front southeastward to 30[degrees]N.
If the Pacific air mass joins cold Canadian air that is deep enough to cross the Rockies southwestward, a major winter storm for the Rockies and intermountain region can result, with fierce northeasterly winds in the passes.
But in 2006, scientists using satellite imagery observed an elongated body of warm Gulf Stream water pushing onto the edge of the continental shelf and intruding southwestward along the shelf break.
The carbon stable isotope ratio of POM at Station 1 during southwestward flow periods (-22.
It will drift a little eastward and strengthen a bit more before turning southwestward to move into Mexico.
Uncertainty about the southwestward extent of the Miramichi highland makes it possible that the two major depocenters merged in what is now southern Maine.
A prominent topography characteristic within the Dabashan area is a southwestward extrusive arc (Bashan Arc fault) that is one of key factors to understand the geodynamic condition of the Dabashan thrust nappe structure.
18) The Chattahoochee River originates in Helen, Georgia (north of Atlanta) and flows 436 miles southwestward, mostly along the Alabama-Georgia state line, until emptying into Lake Seminole in the Florida panhandle.
IMERG showed a strong band of heavy rain extending east-west over north-central Maryland extending southwestward into northern Virginia.
Southwestward volcanic migration in the western trans-Mexican volcanic belt during the last 2 Ma.
Nona will assume a southwestward direction until it exits the PAR by Saturday.

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