souvenir sheet

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souvenir′ sheet`

a single postage stamp or a pair, strip, or block having extremely wide margins imprinted with commemorative inscriptions and sometimes other design elements.
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A total of 30,000 stamp sets and 15,000 souvenir sheets have been released along with 1,000 First Day Covers, priced at BD1, which come with three stamps.
The world record stands at 10 hours, 24 minutes in April 2001 with a pounds 2 souvenir sheet, issued to celebrate the 75th birthday of The Queen the following day.
The souvenir sheet was released on the opening day of the World Stamp Expo 2000 show in Anaheim, California.
There is a separate page for each country - including the nine additional countries to come - with details of the souvenir sheet and the individual portraits.
And as a special bonus, the complete souvenir sheets are available for just pounds 49.
471728, T-Shirt (L) & Souvenir Sheet of 12, $25.
The stamps come in four denominations (Dhs 1, Fils 150, Dhs 3 and Dhs 4) and a distinctive souvenir sheet of Dhs 10.
In keeping with its tradition of issuing postage stamps on Olympics since 1968, India Post released a set of four commemorative postage stamps and a souvenir sheet in New Delhi today.
A commemorative souvenir sheet marking the 70th anniversary of the death of King George V will be on sale next Thursday.
Snickers, the official snackfood of Euro 96TM, has teamed up with the Mirror to give every reader a FREE official souvenir sheet of nine Euro 96TM stamps, worth pounds 5.
Coyote and Road Runner Item Number: 559100 Denomination & Type of Issue: 33-cent commemorative Format: Souvenir Sheet of 10 (one design) Series: Looney Tunes Issue Date & City: April 26, 2000, Phoenix, AZ 85026 Illustrator: Ed Wleczyk, Warner Bros.
The stamps come in denominations of Dh3, Dh1, and 150 fils, along with a distinctive souvenir sheet for Dh15.