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n. pl. souv·la·ki·a (-kē-ə) also souv·la·kis
A Greek dish consisting of pieces of seasoned meat roasted on skewers.

[Modern Greek souvláki, from diminutive of soúvla, skewer, from Medieval Greek, from Latin sūbula, sūbla, awl; see syū- in Indo-European roots.]


(Cookery) a Greek dish of kebabs, esp made with lamb
[C20: from Modern Greek]
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Noun1.souvlakia - made of lamb
kabob, kebab, shish kebab - cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables
Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil
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C[pounds sterling]My ideal day would be to wake up late, laze around the house for a bit and then go and meet friends in the late afternoon and cook souvlakia, before going for a few drinks in the evening.
He entered the back door of the training camp only to find a group of young soldiers picking up souvlakia and other prepared meals they had ordered from nearby fast-food restaurants.
We sit down and watch the football and wait for the pizza or souvlakia to be delivered.
A probe was ordered into an incident that occurred on Tuesday night at the Larnaca boot camp when reportedly a large number of new conscripts were aggravated when two military police officers gave a hard time to a fellow conscript for buying souvlakia, the defence ministry announced on Wednesday.
Visitors should definitely indulge in a full meze meal whilst on holiday, which can feature as many as thirty small individual dishes for you to try, typically including olives, local breads and salads, as well as more decadent traditional dishes like octopus in red wine, grilled haloumi, smoked Cypriot ham, moussaka and souvlakia pork kebabs.
Traditional food is - fresh-caught fish, elies (olives), baklva (a nut-filled pastry), keftedhes (meatballs) and souvlakia (grilled kebabs).
Full dinners include either lamb, a souvlakia (pork kabob), chicken or pastichio (a casserole dish with layers of noodles, beef and bechamel cream topping).
Traditional Greek food will once again be the focus of the festival with a big lunch and dinner that will include dolmathes (grape leaves stuffed with ground meat and rice), spanakopita (filo with spinach and feta cheese) and souvlakia (shishkabab).
But there is something about the sun and sea that makes me lap up stifado and souvlakia by the bucketload.
My souvlakia, a pork kebab, looked appetising and tasted fine, but the meat was not tender enough and I was glad of the accompanying Greek yoghurt to soften things up a bit.
Here and at several eateries throughout the village, the outrageously succulent Greek fare can be had in abundance --seafood (especially squid), rack of lamb, dolmades, souvlakia, and all the rest.