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(ˈsɒv rɪ nɪst, ˈsɒv ər ɪ-, ˈsʌv-)

or sov•er•eign•tist

(ˈsɒv rɪn tɪst, ˈsɒv ər ɪn-, ˈsʌv-) Canadian.
a person who advocates Quebec's political independence.
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Ironically, I think the fact that there was a sovereignist government in Quebec is what did displace the normal assumption there.
Governments of Quebec, federalist and sovereignist alike, have generally not adopted substantive positions with respect to reform of the Senate.
Minister responsible for the Nord-du-Quebec region and Minister for Canadian Intergovernmental Affairs and Sovereignist Governance Alexandre Cloutier wished to convey the following message: "The establishment of this new national park in Nunavik proves the importance of perseverance and negotiation to carry out a common project of this scope.
However, the smashing rebuke delivered to the federal sovereignist party doubtless will prompt the PQ to downplay even further their commitment to Quebec sovereignty; it would appear suicidal to do otherwise.
297) Commentators adopting this view often reduce China's position on humanitarian intervention to labels such as "anti-interventionist" or "strict sovereignist.
He also connects the future struggles of oppressed humanity for meaning and recognition to the contemporary nationalist sovereignist movements in Quebec.
It was also welcome news to unions in Quebec, who had abandoned the NDP as a political vehicle long ago in favour of sovereignist parties at both the federal and provincial levels.
It is here argued that Althusius is not a federalist, sovereignist, or subsidiarity thinker, but that he developed his own alternative to both federalism, sovereignty and subsidiarity.
Len is angered by the tough, sovereignist tone of Horn's writing.
Curiously Red Crow and Creighton were later identified as being affiliated with what historian Hugh Dempsey describes as a "movement towards an affluent elite" resulting from farming and revenue generated from leaseholds; (37) Chief Shot Both Sides was an adamant sovereignist loathe to surrender reserve land for leasing and farming.