sow bug

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or sow bug  (sou′bŭg′)
1. See woodlouse.
2. Any of various woodlice, especially of the genera Oniscus and Porcellio, that lack the ability of pillbugs to roll into a ball.

[From its piglike shape.]

sow bug

(Animals) US and Canadian any of various woodlice, esp any of the genera Oniscus and Porcellio
[C18: from its resemblance to a pig in shape]

sow′ bug`

any of several small terrestrial isopods, esp. of the genus Oniscus; wood louse.
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Noun1.sow bug - terrestrial isopod having an oval segmented body (a shape like a sow)sow bug - terrestrial isopod having an oval segmented body (a shape like a sow)
slater, woodlouse - any of various small terrestrial isopods having a flat elliptical segmented body; found in damp habitats
genus Oniscus, Oniscus - type genus of the Oniscidae; woodlice that cannot roll into a ball
genus Porcellio, Porcellio - Old World genus of isopod crustaceans
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Possible replies: pill bug, doodlebug, potato bug, roly poly, sow bug, twiddle bug, wood louse, millipede and centipede.
They're on their hands and knees planting seeds for at least an hour every school day - 700 kids picking vegetables and fruits, tilling the soil, smelling the flowers and learning the difference between a sow bug and a pill bug.
From lichens to sow bugs to mountain vistas to a front of clouds moving in from the west, it is hard not to sense Mother Earth as alive and that I'm part of its life.
But less infamous pests such as phorid flies, springtails, amphipods, and sow bugs also can come out in droves.