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Engaged in the launching of vehicles into outer space or in journeying through space: a spacefaring civilization.

space′far′er n.


space travel
engaging in space travel
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Noun1.spacefaring - a voyage outside the Earth's atmospherespacefaring - a voyage outside the Earth's atmosphere
voyage - a journey to some distant place
gravity-assist - (spaceflight) a trajectory that passes close to a planetary body in order to gain energy from its gravitational field
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The researchers also discovered that relative to ground-based nematodes, the spacefaring worms had lower activity of 199 genes, including 11 genes involved in transmitting information through the nervous or endocrine systems.
But if human beings break out of this planet and become a spacefaring species, you might see that--just as ideas that were not accepted in the Old Country were given consideration in the New World.
The event also released over 2,400 pieces of potentially deadly debris into orbits transited by spacefaring nations all over the globe--to include flight paths used by the space shuttle and International Space Station.
The promise of a spacefaring world with numerous commercial, military, and scientific activities by human occupants of an orbiting spacecraft is now represented by a total of two persons in space--both in the partially assembled International Space Station--who have barely enough time to manage the station, never mind conduct any significant research.
22) Thus, the extent to which military-related activities may be lawfully carried out onboard the ISS has significant implications for the fifteen Partner States that are party to the 1998 IGA (the United States, Russia, Canada, Japan, and the eleven member states of the ESA (23)), as well as for other spacefaring States and international community as a whole.
Founded by space pioneer Wernher von Braun, the National Space Society (NSS) is one of the preeminent nonprofit organizations dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization.
The space station is a convergence of science, technology and human innovation that is helping us learn what it means to be a spacefaring people by demonstrating new technologies and making research breakthroughs not possible on Earth.
Problems of definitional precision, dysfunctional multilateral forums, disparities among spacefaring nations in terms of space capabilities and vulnerabilities, and a discourse that portrays the relationship between efforts to address civil and military challenges to outer space as mutually exclusive--favouring the former and downplaying the importance of the latter--have made arms control in space a rather unpopular proposition in current space policy discussions.
An astronaut offers a candid look at his trip to the moon, including the scandal that ended his spacefaring days.
The current space culture of fielding large, expensive, and capable satellite systems is not sustainable; it can neither satisfy the operational needs of US war fighters nor keep up with threats posed by other spacefaring nations.
If we had spacefaring people who went on one-way voyages to distant stars, that might be enough to trigger speciation," said John Hawks, an anthropologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
While new players entered the space arena to enhance their prestige, advanced spacefaring actors developed and used space to enable the transition into the information age.