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or space suit  (spās′so͞ot′)
A protective pressure suit designed to permit the wearer relatively free movement in space.


(ˈspeɪsˌsuːt; -ˌsjuːt)
(Astronautics) any of various types of sealed and pressurized suits worn by astronauts or cosmonauts that provide an artificial atmosphere, acceptable temperature, radiocommunication link, and protection from radiation for work outside a spacecraft



a sealed and pressurized suit that allows the wearer to leave a pressurized cabin in outer space.
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Noun1.spacesuit - a pressure suit worn by astronauts while in outer spacespacesuit - a pressure suit worn by astronauts while in outer space
pressure suit - protective garment consisting of an inflatable suit for space or high altitude flying
بَدْلَة رجُل الفَضاء
kosmický skafandr
kozmický skafander
vesoljska obleka
uzay giysisi


[ˈspeɪssuːt] Ntraje m espacial


[ˈspeɪssuːt] ncombinaison f spatialespace travel nvoyages mpl dans l'espacespace walk nsortie f dans l'espace


[ˈspeɪsˌsuːt] ntuta spaziale


(speis) noun
1. a gap; an empty or uncovered place. I couldn't find a space for my car.
2. room; the absence of objects; the area available for use. Have you enough space to turn round?; Is there space for one more?
3. (often outer space) the region outside the Earth's atmosphere, in which all stars and other planets etc are situated. travellers through space.
(also space out) to set (things) apart from one another. He spaced the rows of potatoes half a metre apart.
ˈspacing noun
the amount of distance left between objects, words etc when they are set or laid out.
spacious (ˈspeiʃəs) adjective
providing or having plenty of room. Their dining-room is very spacious.
ˈspaciously adverb
ˈspaciousness noun
ˈspace-age adjective
extremely up-to-date and advanced. space-age technology.
ˈspacecraft noun
a vehicle etc, manned or unmanned, for travelling in space.
ˈspaceship noun
a spacecraft, especially a manned one.
ˈspacesuit noun
a suit designed to be worn by a ˈspaceman.
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Another snap showed astronauts wearing full spacesuits in the Nevada heat while testing a moon buggy.
Collectors are also expected to pay pounds 15,000 for a pair of silver spacesuits worn by Dr Evil and Mini-Me in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.
SPACESUITS that were to be worn by balloon pilots Andy Elson and Colin Prescot could withstand temperatures down to -70C and not -700C (Page 22, September 1).
Other images depict components of the rockets, spacesuits, and launch sites.
Last summer Lee even led scientists in a Mars living simulation: Groups took turns living in a "Martian" habitat (built by the Mars Society), and performed traverses (exploring trips) in spacesuits, as if working in Mars' lethal atmosphere.
Way off: Flying saucer design; silly silver spacesuits.
The Airlock allows astronauts to enter and exit the 470-ton orbiting research facility, regardless of whether they wear an American or Russian space suit, critical because design differences between American and Russian spacesuits had impeded some access at the ISS.
SpaceX is carrying on board a number of critical systems, including a new spacesuit, components to fix the existing spacesuits, a couple of very critical research experiments in the trunk and quite a bit of logistics for our crew members on board.
The spokesman said that, three members of the crew, including Chinese astronaut Wang Yue, will descend onto the planet, don spacesuits and walk on its 'surface,' reports English.
Wearing spacesuits to withstand -700C temperatures, the pair will strap themselves into an open cockpit.
In the 50-year history of human spaceflight, spacesuits have gone through countless changes (see timeline, below).
It was the first major test of the Canadian-built robot crane, and it means the crew can now use US spacesuits instead of Russian ones.