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1. Having enough or abundant space or room; large in area or extent: a spacious convention center.
2. Large in range or scope: too spacious a subject for a short lecture.

spa′cious·ly adv.
spa′cious·ness n.
Synonyms: spacious, ample, capacious, commodious, roomy
These adjectives mean having or affording a large amount of space: a spacious apartment; an ample kitchen; a capacious purse; a commodious harbor; roomy pockets.
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Adv.1.spaciously - with ample room; "the furniture was spaciously spread out"
بصورةٍ واسِعَه أو فَسيحَه
geniş şekilde


(speis) noun
1. a gap; an empty or uncovered place. I couldn't find a space for my car.
2. room; the absence of objects; the area available for use. Have you enough space to turn round?; Is there space for one more?
3. (often outer space) the region outside the Earth's atmosphere, in which all stars and other planets etc are situated. travellers through space.
(also space out) to set (things) apart from one another. He spaced the rows of potatoes half a metre apart.
ˈspacing noun
the amount of distance left between objects, words etc when they are set or laid out.
spacious (ˈspeiʃəs) adjective
providing or having plenty of room. Their dining-room is very spacious.
ˈspaciously adverb
ˈspaciousness noun
ˈspace-age adjective
extremely up-to-date and advanced. space-age technology.
ˈspacecraft noun
a vehicle etc, manned or unmanned, for travelling in space.
ˈspaceship noun
a spacecraft, especially a manned one.
ˈspacesuit noun
a suit designed to be worn by a ˈspaceman.
References in classic literature ?
Moscow seen from the Poklonny Hill lay spaciously spread out with her river, her gardens, and her churches, and she seemed to be living her usual life, her cupolas glittering like stars in the sunlight.
Daughtry, himself moulded on generously careless lines, could not but appreciate the spaciousness of the Ancient Mariner, who had evidently lived spaciously and who was ever for sharing the treasure they sought.
Spaciously built around village green areas, surrounded by open countryside and mature trees.
The two Pouches and the Wash Bag spaciously fit products and grooming accessories for weekends away or daily trips to the gym, and the water repellent lining makes them easy to clean.
With six Suites tucked spaciously within the front cabin of the upper deck, customers will experience a sense of exclusivity and intimate privacy aboard the A380.
First going on sale in November 2011, this sleek sports coupe is actually both great fun and spaciously practical.
Pico Sands Hotel is a tropical contemporary seven-storey hotel that boasts 154 spaciously decorated guest rooms amid the awe-inspiring view of the mountains and the tranquil man-made lagoon.
The rest of the room offers spaciously arranged tables and chairs, with an interesting Picasso inspired 3D wall art opposite the bar.
VOLKSWAGEN'S third generation Caddy van always set out to offer a classier alternative to other spaciously compact LCVs.
There are also 32 villas, spaciously set apart above the clear, protected waters of the Indian Ocean lagoon.
The well-presented property offers spaciously planned and well thought out accommodation that flows perfectly.