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 (spə-gîr′ĭk) also spa·gyr·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
Relating to or resembling alchemy; alchemical.

[New Latin spagiricus, probably coined by Paracelsus.]


(spəˈdʒɪrɪk) or


(Alchemy) rare of or relating to alchemy
[C16: from New Latin spagiricus, probably coined by Paracelsus, of obscure origin]
spaˈgyrically adv
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Spagyric combination homeopathics regulate organ function, restore the regulatory set points of metabolism, hormones, the immune system, and the extracellular matrix.
The other, more traditional way to take spagyrics is in wine, which also carries a life force from its process of fermentation and so doesn't kill the spagyric.
The German iatro-chemist Paracelsus and his spagyric disciples preserved much of the ancient folklore in the twilight between proto-chemical alchemy and chemistry.
She traces its philosophical roots to Paracelsus and homeopathy, comments on contemporary spagyric pharmaceutical companies, and presents methods for making spagyric essences for self-care.
The latest remedy getting our hopes up is Karma Healing Sanctuary's Spagyric Cell cream, priced pounds 28, available online at www.
The text for this entry reads as follows: "Wolfgangus Vandergoose, spagyric [sic], operator to the Invisible lady styled the Magical Sister of the Rosicross, with these recepts following and many other rare secrets, undertakes in short time to cure the defects of nature and diseases of the mind.
More frequently, we use a mixed, low-potency spagyric remedy indicated for tachycardia as a means of cardioversion.
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Empowers practitioners with the tools and knowledge to treat many complex conditions with the Soluna spagyric remedies.
30) One such method advocated by Paracelsus was called Spagyric Art, consisting of three steps: the division of natural bodies to separate out the heterogeneous and accidental portions (separatio), the purification of the substances so obtained (purificatio), and a recombinarion (cohobatio) or re-union of components that produces a homogeneous element.
NOVEMBER 19: SOLUNA CERTIFICATION TRAINING COURSE @ The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, Empowers practitioners with the tools and knowledge to treat many complex conditions with the Soluna spagyric remedies.