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 (spä′nə-kō′pē-tə, spăn′ə-)
A Greek pie made with layers of phyllo and a filling of seasoned spinach, onions, feta, and sometimes eggs.

[Modern Greek : spanaki, spinach (from Medieval Greek spanakin, spanakion, ultimately from Persian aspanākh) + pita, pie; see pita1.]


(ˌspænəˈkɒpɪtə) or


(Cookery) a Greek spinach pastry
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For example: the wild mushroom ravioli with spinach at Mo- Zaic, the wood-fired eggplant torte at Louies Modern, eggplant crepes at Oph- elia's on the Bay, Phil's chopped salad at Michael's On East, spicy red beans and basmati rice at Chutney's, mushroom quiche at Burns Court Cafe, avocado dream sandwich at Veg, spanakopita at Blu Kouzina, smoked Gouda fondue (with salted pretzels) at Kona Grill and the chipotle macaroni and cheese at Fleming's.
Guests were treated to authentic Greek menu items: Greek Caviar, Lamb Chops, Chicken Souvlaki, Broiled Shrimp, Dolma (Stuffed Grape Leaves), Spanakopita (Greek spinach pie), Tiropitakia (3 cheese Greek Pie), and a wide assortment of Greek beers and wines.
Swiss chard Spanakopita pie, Stromboli with broccoli, chorizo and sun-dried tomatoes or guacamole with banana.
The guests were then treated to a banquet put together by Chef Surjan Singh Jolly, Executive Chef and of the MasterChef fame that showcased Spinach feta spanakopita, Open face tenderloin slider, Duck confit ravioli and Seared tuna amongst others.
A Fort Myers based MEDITERRANEAN Restaurant specializing in Greek and Lebanese cuisine such as Falafel, Gyros, Spanakopita, Moussaka, Flan, and Baklava to name just a few.
We are seeing an increase in requests from nearly all retail store chains, and restaurants, for products such as Flatbreads, Fillo Dough, Spanakopita, Baklava, and Gyro meats," said Steve Kontos, VP of Kontos Foods.
Spanakopita is one of my favorites, it has spinach, a cheese topping and it's baked.
Sunday, with a menu of gyros, Greek salad, spanakopita, baklava, beverages, Greek music, dances and booths.
TOTAL 24/30 to SPANAKOPITA Serves onions eight 1 bunch of spring 200g feta cheese 3 eggs 250g filo pastry Olive oil 750g fresh spinach Salt and pepper RECIPE FOR THE WEEKEND SPANAKOPITA Each week one of Scotland's top chefs shows you how to make great food for the weekend.
Activities include an electrifying live band performance by Pieces of Jane to play dance hits of 2013 by Katy Perry, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and more to energize the night away; Countdown fireworks display to excite your senses; Delectable canapes with Boursin, Mushroom Duxelles, Spinach & Feta Spanakopita, Fish Takoyaki, Vegetable Cream Puff, Albondigas to please your appetite; Intoxicating white and red wine and ice-cold local beer to exhilarate your imagination.