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tr.v. spared, spar·ing, spares
a. To refrain from harming, injuring, destroying, or killing: The general spared the city from a bombardment.
b. To leave undamaged or unharmed: The oldest trees in the forest were spared from the fire.
c. To refrain from denouncing or distressing; treat leniently or with consideration: The teacher spared the student's feelings by not criticizing her.
d. To allow (someone) to avoid experiencing or doing (something): spared myself the trouble of going to the store.
a. To hold back from; withhold or avoid: spared no expense for the celebration.
b. To use or supply with restraint: Don't spare the mustard.
3. To give or grant out of one's resources; afford: Can you spare ten minutes?
adj. spar·er, spar·est
a. Kept in reserve: spare parts.
b. Being in excess of what is needed; extra: spare cash.
c. Free for other use; unoccupied: spare time.
a. Not lavish, abundant, or excessive; meager: a spare breakfast.
b. Lean and trim: a runner with a spare figure.
c. Not elaborate or ornate; simple: a writer's spare style.
1. A replacement, especially a tire, reserved for future need.
2. Sports
a. The act of knocking down all ten pins with two successive rolls of a bowling ball.
b. The score so made.
to spare
In addition to what is needed: We paid our bills and had money to spare.

[Middle English sparen, from Old English sparian.]

spare′ly adv.
spare′ness n.
spar′er n.
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Noun1.spareness - the property of being scanty or scattered; lacking denseness
exiguity, leanness, meagerness, meagreness, scantiness, scantness, poorness - the quality of being meager; "an exiguity of cloth that would only allow of miniature capes"-George Eliot
2.spareness - the property of having little body fat
bodily property - an attribute of the body
scrawniness, skinniness - the bodily property of lacking flesh
boniness, bonyness, emaciation, gauntness, maceration - extreme leanness (usually caused by starvation or disease)
slimness, slenderness, slightness - the property of an attractively thin person
wiriness - the property of being lean and tough and sinewy
References in classic literature ?
We have to slay pride in giants, envy by generosity and nobleness of heart, anger by calmness of demeanour and equanimity, gluttony and sloth by the spareness of our diet and the length of our vigils, lust and lewdness by the loyalty we preserve to those whom we have made the mistresses of our thoughts, indolence by traversing the world in all directions seeking opportunities of making ourselves, besides Christians, famous knights.
Maynila sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag, The Musical' had lofty ambitions that essentially ran counter to the spareness and simplicity of its source story.
The plot is refreshing in its spareness, the outcome seldom in question.
These two works, formally akin only in their spareness, and loosely tied by their shared emphasis on groupthink, highlighted the range of reference points in the artist's oblique project.
The way that leaves skitter across a street on an unassuming Midwestern street on a blustery fall day, the angle from which he shot a rundown apartment building on a hill in Mexico, the deep blues and blacks of the director's palette, and the lived-in spareness of the production design--all these meticulous choices reinforce a quiet yet palpable sense of dread and foreboding.
Eschewing excess, espousing spareness, Meppayil is discerningly eclectic about the art-historical precedents to which her aesthetic and sensibility are attuned, and these extend back to .
This form of psychotherapy is clearly economic--in both the spareness and the bareness of its provision, and its cost effectiveness at delivery (and I stress here at delivery).
Whereas the Czech illustrates his prison with a score of opulent sound (almost too lush to some for its subject matter),Weinberg's music is often low-keyed, with the spareness of chamber music.
The spareness of his prose is that straightforward, that unadorned.
04 Bentley Home presents the President desk, a masculine, L-shaped writing bureau inspired by the spareness of a racecar's interior.
An African-inspired, unique Gusztav Miklos patinated bronze bust, Tete of 1928, almost Brancusi-like in its polished spareness, changed hands for 811,500 [euro] (estimate 200,000 [euro]-6250,000).
Meanwhile, as Karen Alkalay-Gut notes, Crapsey's approach to the cinquain set a standard for the form characterized by "a spareness which .